Billance Earn Campaign Launch Spells Success, Aims to Gain More Traction

Billance Earn, a form of fixed saving system, is pleased to announce that it has seen a track of successful campaigns over the past month. The project’s primary goal is to address its internal investors and consumers’ various liquidity and investment demands. Users may utilize the product to purchase short-term Earn products with varying outcomes. 

As a result, users might receive better returns than their bank funds over the same period. Billance Earn is absolutely a good solution for generating such reliable returns for investors and or users who do not demand ample liquidity for short-term money and prefer better profits.

Campaigning for New Users

Billance Earn allows users to enjoy a 100% annual percentage yield(APY). Participation in the fixed savings was made voluntary, and the project does not interfere with the user’s decisions on investment. The registration ended on February 20, 2022, and the interest investment will be calculated but only to those who participated. 

Notably, Billance started the interest calculation on these savings from February 21 to run for seven days. Each registered investor is scheduled to receive a total cap of 20,000.

Users who have signed up for Billance may access the website and begin storing assets on “Earn” . Billance’s interpretation or decision of the Terms and Conditions must be agreed to and followed by users. By following Billance’s official social media channels, registered Billance members can also win a share of 10,000 USDT.

First, Earn returns from fixed savings are higher than traditional financial products. Earn also invests in items that conform with Bilance’s short-term and high-security plan, so the risk is minimal. All users and investors generate revenue with no fees involved.

Billance also has a low threshold. The investment threshold might be as little as 100 USDT due to low-risk techniques and products compared to traditional options. Earn also provides a defined term for investment, in which a digital asset is placed for a specific amount of time. As a result, investors can receive a more significant return than other investment opportunities. However, if users withdraw before the defined time finishes, they may lose their regular returns.

Billance Earn hosts frequent high-yield digital currency deposit events in collaboration with other project partners. Users must lock in the corresponding digital currency in Billance to obtain better rewards. Subscriptions are always necessary for these events, so users need to keep an eye out for Billance releases for more information.

Also, Billance is running a campaign to share 10,000 USDT to participants. To join in, users need to follow, retweet and tag friends to follow the project on Twitter. They will also be required to follow their social media. Lastly, users have to fill in Billance UID. The campaign is running from February 18 through March 8, 2022. Each participant has a chance to receive a maximum reward of 1,000 USDT. The first five users with over 5000 fans will share 5000 USDT among themselves.

Meanwhile, Billance has launched four tokens on its exchange; BNB, MATIC, FTM, and DASH. With the introduction of a reliable and successful token, investors may quickly attain their desired financial position. They also have access to a wide range of alternatives and experiences. Notably, all tokens are in USDT form, implying that their value will be preserved inside the crypto market while avoiding extreme volatility.

About Billance

Founded in 2021, Billance is one of the safest and most reliable cryptocurrency service platforms currently within the market. Global investors can use and benefit without worrying about potential risks associated with the space. All this is made possible using cutting-edge technologies and pioneering algorithms. The platform provides it’s global investors with secure and stable trading services for mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT, and USDC.

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