Billance AMA Summary: How Will Billance Build Strong Relationships With Communities?

Dear Billance Users,

Time: 8st-Mar, 4pm UTC

Billance’s CMO, Simona, held an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) in the Turkish community and the recap as follows:

Q1 Can you briefly introduce yourself at Billance?

I am the CMO of Billance. I joined the team in February 2022. My background is in Finance, I graduated from Bocconi University and I started my career with an internship in Investment Banking at JP Morgan in London and worked in consultancy at EY. I then switched to the startups world, working in the digital marketing sector. I have been the project manager of their ICO in 2018. I then co-founded a company, a crypto fintech startup that developed an app for trading cryptos from a mobile device. After experience in the food-tech industry, I now help companies in their strategic business development and marketing promotion.

Q2 What benefits do you have for new users?

New users who join Billance can get a 30U novice spree. Recently, we have also launched a limited-time event for newbies: register and deposit to receive USDT and SHIB worth 80 USDT. The event will end on March 23, and you can hurry up to register and receive.

KripToken TR community exclusive link:

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Q3 In addition to the novice benefits, are there other benefits?

Haha, it seems that everyone is very interested in welfare activities.

Our community and Twitter will have weekly perks.

For example, everyone who just participated in the follow & comment will share 20,000,000 SHIB. It will open again next week.

The community is carrying out the activity of sharing 40,000,000 SHIB in the community.

Please stay tuned to our Twitter and community.

Billance Twitter:

Billance Global Telegram:

Billance Türkiye Telegram:

Q4 Do we have our own token? Do we plan to have one in the near future?

Billance currently has no immediate plans to issue coins and or airdrops, and everything is still in the exploratory stage. Don’t be fooled by fake websites.

However, we plan to launch a platform currency at the right time to expand the team and develop our ecology. When our own token is launched, we will consider sending airdrop benefits to early loyal users. Please feel free to pay attention to the official social media handles for all the latest news.

Q5: Could you please provide some info about your Roadmap and how Billance is progressing so far?

2022 Q1:

Billance Earn section goes live

Billance partner system 2.0 goes live

Billance fiat currency merchant is fully integrated and becomes accessible

Billance North America office is established for North and South America

Billance Earn has been launched for 3 weeks. Yesterday, the new USDT/USDC flexible savings was launched, with 18% APY. As the focus of our products, the Billance earn team is constantly improving our functions. Here we invite everyone to experience our exchange and more functions.

Part 2

Q1 if we encounter a problem during the transfer process, do you have a 24/7 team to solve this problem? 


Billance has always made timely resolution of user issues a top priority.Our Billance customer service team is responsible for raising the overall security awareness of users and driving asset protection initiatives. We have 24/7 customer service, which can protect users from multiple attacks, if you encounter any problems with Billance, please contact the customer service team, they will provide you with professional support as soon as reasonably possible.

Q2 As a result of some unfortunate events in the past (exchanges that have closed and run away, failed pre-sales, lost coins, etc.), Turkish investors in particular have no confidence in domestic stock markets. What do you plan to do to regain that trust?


At present, we are in the process of negotiating a strategic cooperation with two well-known companies in the industry that provide digital asset custody and insurance services. It is expected that the value will be greater than the 20 Million insurance funds disclosed by the platform. Users are the key focus of Billance, and everything we do is to provide users with better and safer services and experiences.

Q3 How will you build strong relationships with communities?

Community partners are our friendliest friends and the cornerstone of Bilance’s success.

To strengthen our connection with the community, we have established the Global Community AMA Program and the Global Partner Program.

Through AMA and global partner recruitment, we will establish comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with high-quality global communities to jointly build the most powerful community in the encryption field. We will have our most sincere conversations with you through our weekly AMAs. Every word you say in the community, every message you leave on social media, we will listen carefully and reply.

Q4 Now have many super hackers so security, scalability, and data privacy are three aspects that are very important. I want to know How the team #Billance resolves if there is an unfortunate security problem?

A professional team, the ultimate user experience, a strong risk control system, an efficient and stable system, and compliant operations are the safest guarantees we can give our users.

As mentioned in the previous question, we are negotiating strategic cooperation with two well-known companies in the industry that provide digital asset custody and insurance services. It is expected that the value will be greater than the 20 million insurance funds disclosed by the platform, which will also become the most solid security guarantee for users. User safety is more important than everything else, and it has always been our aim.

Q5 What is the most ambitious goal of your project? Could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

‌‌Our goal is to become one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the world.Our goal is to be one of the largest trading platforms in the world.Billance is committed to providing global users with the most convenient, efficient and effective, secure, as well, fairest trading services for cryptocurrency assets.

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