Billance AMA Summary: How New Exchanges Survive Differently?

Time: 4th-Mar, 2pm (UTC)

Dear Billance Users,

Billance hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with Simona, CMO of the Billance, in a active crypto community.

Self Introduction (Simona)

Work Experience

I am the CMO of Billance, I joined the team in February 2022. My background is in Finance, I graduated from Bocconi University and I started my career with an internship in Investment Banking at JP Morgan in London and worked in consultancy at EY. I then switched to the startups’ world, working in the digital marketing sector. I have been the project manager of their ICO in 2018. I then co-founded my own company, a crypto fintech startup that developed an app for trading cryptos from a mobile device. After an experience in the food-tech industry, I now help companies in their strategic business development and marketing promotion.

Billance introduction

Billance was founded in 2021. The platform provides a secure and stable trading service for mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT and USDC for global investors. We guard all of our investors’ assets on Billance with a 20 Million USDT insurance fund. 

Billance has at its disposal industry-leading technology with a core aggregation engine that is the most advanced technology product of its kind. With fault tolerance and extreme processing speed, it is able to solve all concurrent issues arising from instantaneous huge volumes of transactions and settlements. The bank-grade SSL encryption, multiple signatures and Hot & Cold wallets separation technologies can strictly protect the security of user assets.

Billance is one of the safest and most reliable cryptocurrency service platforms for global investors,  based on new technologies and pioneering algorithms.

Features of Billance

20 Million USDT insurance fund, 

24 hours to complete the payment

At present, Billance is in the process of negotiating a strategic cooperation with two well-known companies in the industry that provide digital asset custody and insurance services. It is expected that the value will be greater than the 20 Million insurance funds disclosed by the platform. Users are the key focus of Billance, and everything we do is to provide users with better and safer services and experiences.

24/7 customer service, response within 5 minutes

Our Billance customer service team is responsible for raising the overall security awareness of users and driving asset protection initiatives. We have 24/7 customer service, which can protect users from multiple attacks, if you encounter any problems with Billance, please contact the customer service team, they will provide you with professional support as soon as reasonably possible. 

Intelligent matching system, millisecond-level trading experience

Taking BTC / USDT as an example, the current total value of buy orders and sell orders is about 1 Million USDT, and the value of buy orders is around 500,000 USDT. Billance is without a doubt the best among all the exchanges. 

Various quantitative market making strategies

Perfect partner rebate system

The partner rebate system is another important feature of Billance. In order to better expand and promote the Billance exchange ecosystem, Billance sincerely invites blockchain industry leaders, blockchain community leaders, and KOLs to join us. Each partner is an important partner of the Billance platform, and will receive a high rebate ratio, the right to flexibly configure the rebate ratio of lower-level friends, and enjoy ultra-high benefits!

Product Profile:

Spot Trading

We have recently listed dozens of popular currencies, which have initially met the trading needs of users. In the future, we will continue to list new value coins so that users can exchange valuable coins on Billance. We like to call it “Advance Your Trading With Billance” as expressed in our Slogan.

Derivatives Trading

Contract trading is the main business, and we have strict requirements on strategy, performance and security. We are a professional quantitative team from around the globe, with our core members having many years of experience in the world’s top quantitative hedge funds.


At present, Billance Earn has launched 2 regular 100% APY activities, and supports USDT & USDC. In view of the enthusiasm of users’ participation, it is expected that we will launch the flexible savings next week, and the initial APY should be around 15-25%. You can pay more attention to Billance’s announcement.

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