Bill Viola Jr. Releases New Self-Help Book – Common Sensei: How to Earn a Black Belt in Life
Accomplished author, filmmaker, and life coach Bill Viola Jr. proudly presents his latest self-help masterpiece, Common Sensei: How to Earn a Black Belt in Life.

Published by Kumite Classic Entertainment, this transformative guide offers readers a comprehensive toolkit for personal growth, success, and fulfillment, empowering them to harness their inner strength and become modern-day life champions with “6 Samurai Mindsets” for empowerment.

In Common Sensei, Bill Viola Jr. has distilled a lifetime of wisdom into an engaging guide that leads readers through the journey of mastering their lives, one day at a time. This book is a powerful roadmap for those ready to evolve from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from aimless wanderers to true-life warriors.

The essence of Common Sensei lies in achieving the much-coveted Black Belt in Life – a state of profound balance that encompasses desires and necessities, careers and relationships, education and health. It’s about understanding that genuine happiness is the ultimate treasure. As Viola Jr. eloquently explains, “Happiness is richer than any material wealth; it’s the true measure of success, and it’s already within you.”

Viola Jr.’s insights are as practical as they are profound. Common Sensei is not only a guide; it’s a transformational tool. It empowers readers to set meaningful goals, take strategic actions, and uncover their authentic purpose. As the author wisely advises, “Chasing purpose leads to catching happiness.”

Common Sensei is more than just a book; it’s a lifeline for today’s youth who often find themselves inadequately prepared for the real world. Traditional education often falls short in imparting practical life skills, but Common Sensei fills that gap with indispensable knowledge on everything from finance to personal well-being.

About the Author:

Bill Viola Jr., a bestselling author and filmmaker, has become a beacon of wisdom for those seeking personal growth and enlightenment. As President of Kumite Classic Entertainment, Viola Jr. passionately inspires individuals to excel in their lives. His previous works include the critically acclaimed “Godfathers of MMA,” which reached #1 on Amazon’s sports category, and the compelling Tough Guys documentary. He extends his influence into the realm of major motion pictures, enriching his growing repertoire of credits. Common Sensei is his latest endeavor to empower readers with life-altering skills.

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