Unique Utility NFT Collection, Bilious Boy Scouts, announce their official launch with 10,000 unique Bilious Boy Scout NFTs and Blockchain-based treasure hunts

The team at Bilious Boy Scouts has announced plans to launch their utility NFT collection, as part of an all-inclusive ecosystem that includes 10,000 unique NFTs, with the presale to start on January 22, 2022. Holders of the tokens enjoy a plethora of benefits, including access to an ongoing series of highly exclusive, adventurous, Blockchain-based treasure hunts.

The global NFT market has witnessed tremendous growth in recent times, with a recent report from DappRadar revealing that the market for non-fungible tokens hit over $22 billion in 2021, an unimaginable leap from the $100 million recorded in 2020. In a related development, a plethora of developers and solutions have emerged in the blockchain space to meet the needs of different categories of stakeholders. However, many of such projects have no real underlying values driving them, which is where Bilious Boy Scouts might be different as a utility NFT project that aims to open up the space to as many people as possible.

The Bilious Boy Scouts (BBS) NFT collection consists of 10.000 unique Bilious Boy Scout NFTs, which will grant holders of the asset access to an ongoing series of highly exclusive, adventurous, Blockchain-based treasure hunts. Another fun and exciting part of the project is that by solving a set of cryptic clues, accessible to BBS NFT holders only, the fastest Scouts will be instantly rewarded with stuffed digital currency wallets and other valuable assets and benefits.

The prelaunch sale of the NFTs is scheduled to commence on January 22, 2022, offering 5% of the total supply, which sums up to 500 pieces at 50 MATIC each. The initial NFT sale takes place solely through the Bilious Boy Scouts website. The subsequent public sale of Bilious Boy Scout NFTs will be done on secondary NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, Rarible, and a host of others.

For more information about the Bilious Boy Scouts NFT project and the presale, The adventure in the Blockchain-based treasure hunt continues across social media, including TwitterTelegram, and Instagram.

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