Big Shot Instagram Star Brittney Kakalia Reveals How a Devastating Break-Up Made Her Pursue Her Dream of Being a Social Media Influencer

Brittney Kakalia, an influencer who earns more than $50,000 a month has revealed how a bad break-up motivated her to make an OnlyFans” – a lucrative career change.

Brittney Kakalia, 28, from Tampa, Florida, is back with new energy to inspire youngsters. The influencer has a large number of followers on Instagram where she posts sizzling pictures of her curvaceous body with cars and racy bikinis. She was once a bartender at a night club, and in and out of the medical field before she quit to focus on being an active social media influencer.  

The bombshell beauty, who is of Hawaiian and Japanese descent says her fans have truly changed her life and helped build her confidence and esteem with their kind words. “I’m so grateful for my time as a model, but I’m even more grateful for my time as an Instagram influencer,” she said. “It’s been so amazing to connect with all of my followers and to be able to share my life with them.” When she first started modeling, she said she didn’t think that it would lead to anything more than a few gigs here and there starting out at local car shows. “I never thought that I would be where I am today,” she said. “I’m so grateful for my Instagram following and for all of the opportunities that have come my way”. She now gets offered deals with different brands and sponsorships for her car posts. 

However, she faced a lot of criticism from friends. She was called “spoiled” and “trust fund baby”. It made Kakalia to think about herself and took it as a challenge to become successful. She was highly disturbed due to such negativity, but then she decided to give a shut-up call to all her haters by continuing what she was doing. However, later on, she discovered that the people who called her all those bad names were actually the ones who were jealous of her success. She also added that modeling gave her a thick skin and taught her to be confident in herself. “It’s been so amazing to interact with my followers and motivate them.”, “I’ve been posting online for years and most of my shots are free, some are paid collaborations but I haven’t been able to monetize it properly.” She said. After several offers and requests from multiple people, she’s made the decision to join subscription-based service OnlyFans and was happy for all the opportunities that have come by.

Her success story is an inspiration to many young girls who aspire to be successful and achieve their dream. She encourages young girls never to give up on their dreams and should follow their heart because there are haters everywhere, but success will always find those who truly believe in what they’re doing. “Despite her fame and fortune, she’s always so humble and grateful for everything she has,” said one friend.

Kakalia is quickly gaining popularity with over 126K followers on Instagram and keep inspiring young girls everywhere with her success story.

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