Bible Truth About Deliverance” by Pastor Yemi Adedeji is a fresh take on the cardinal concept of deliverance as found in the Bible. The work systematically examines all aspects of deliverance (physical, mental and spiritual) while revealing its true meaning. The new work includes a new chapter, ‘The Armor of God’, and an expansion, ‘Curses.’

“Bible Truth About Deliverance” shares principles and daily practice examples related to how the spiritual realm influences the physical. An eye-opener for everyone, the work goes into details of both the causality of events and remedies. 

“Salvation is only one aspect of deliverance. The other side to deliverance is the component of liberation or setting free,” says Pastor Yemi Adedeji.

An important story cited in the introduction was that of Jesus when his disciples asked him how he could set them free when they were already sons of Abraham and had never been in bondage. Jesus answered by saying that anyone who sinned was a slave of sin and thus not free. A slave does not stay in the house forever, but a son does. Hence following him could make them free.

The work also points out the importance of truth, making people free. As said in the scriptures, the truth shall make us free. For the author, deliverance is also an action and not a passive experience. Its impact can be seen in a visible transformation of the state of a person or his address (like Joseph’s rise to officialdom in Egypt). 

Divided into nine chapters, ‘Bible Truth about Deliverance’ starts with a short description of the various schools of thought related to this concept and how it is viewed in the Old and the New Testament. The readers will then find more information on the purpose, doorways, and mechanisms of deliverance, followed by topics such as curses, dreams and visions, and soul ties. The last two chapters deal with channels and prayers points for deliverance.

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