Life returns: blossoming vegetation, animal offspring and fantastic light

Best travel time for a Luxury Safari in the heart of the Serengeti

Tanzania (June 2022) In the heart of the Serengeti, in the middle of the wilderness of Tanzania’s most famous national park, is the designer luxury tented lodge of the One Nature Hotels & Resorts group: the Nyaruswiga Luxury Safari Tented Lodge.

The lodge has two high seasons, with the first starting from June to October, the “dry months” when most days are blessed with moderate temperature and clear blue skies. The second is from mid-December to early January, a period known as the “short rains”, when occasional bursts of rainfall occur, enough to cool down the temperature and replenish the area’s numerous waterholes. These timings also perfectly coincide with the cycle of the Great Migration. And since the lodge is strategically located at the center of the migration route, this means that lodge guests can enjoy more and longer migration sightings, when the wildlife starts to move down South from the Mara, and when the herds with their newborn calves, make the return trip back up North using a path only minutes away from the lodge.

The lodge’s two mid-seasons, which take place right after the “short rains” in January to May and November to mid-December, occur during the dry/wet weather transitions. During these months, tourist traffic in the Serengeti is less congested, making safari game drives more private and enjoyable. And with the lodge’s close proximity to the Seronera River and other natural waterholes, guests are assured of a rich and diverse amount of wild animal sightings.

Within the Serengeti’s “long rains” period, from April to May is the best time to witness the Serengeti in full bloom and at its most fertile beauty. With the hills and savannah covered with lush foliage, the vibrant colours of the wild animals standing out from its verdant background, and the air washed clean of any dust and impurities, the green season is the perfect time for wildlife photographers and avid bird watchers to come visit.

For guests wishing to visit One Nature Nyaruswiga, the camp’s seasons are broken down as follows:
HIGH SEASONS: 1 June to 31 October and 21 December to 10 January
MID SEASONS: 11 January to 31 May and 1 November to 20 December

One Nature Nyaruswiga Tented Lodge is the ideal starting point for discerning guests who want to explore wild Africa and don’t want to miss any luxury. It consists of 14 luxurious tents that allow the visitor to dive into the wild nature of Africa and the African savanna with a single step. This tented lodge is the first of its kind and leaves nothing to be desired with regard to nature, experience and luxury. With great attention to detail and in harmony with nature and sustainability, the twelve en-suite tents and two family tents were designed and opened in January 2017.

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