Best Selling Author, Maya the Shaman Dishes on Her Latest Book

Maya Verzonilla, AKA Maya The Shaman, is an indigenous Shaman-Healer from Maharlika (the Philippines) who has been working with clients in Los Angeles for many years. She had a healing house in Hollywood Hills where she would often see artists of all kinds, from Directors, Writers, Actresses. She now resides between Appalachias, Los Angeles and Oregon where she travels to see her clients. Maya the Shaman is a Creative Writing Coach, and Co-Author of the Best-Selling “Awakening Starseeds” book series. Maya’s upcoming collaborative books 2022 are: “Energy Healing & Soul Medicine” (Spring), “Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming into the Future Vol. 3” (Summer), and a stand alone book, “Infinite Cosmic Records: Sacred Doorways to Healing & Remembering” (Summer), a rich-filled stories of Maya and her clients on Shamanic healing guided by Maya during her clients sessions in entering their Cosmic Records with her. Maya’s Memoir, “Descendants of Lemuria,” will be released in 2023. Maya also appeared in several documentary films: “The Cure,” Produced by actress Sharon Stone and French Director Manuel Itier. Another docu-film she was asked to take part was “Guns Bombs & War: A Love Story,” were cries on Earth wars – crime against humanity. Maya’s involvement in these films is to assist humanity to heal and move forward into our Golden Age, where Peace, Health, and Freedom are our Sovereign Rights. Lemurian Code Healing and Infinite Cosmic Records, are original healing modalities by Maya The Shaman. To learn more about Certification Programs, please contact Maya at: or

1. You had a Healing House in Hollywood Hills for many years and now you reside in the Appalachian mountains. How does living here inspire you?

A: There’s great power in these mountains. I built my house on top of the Appalachian mountains 16 years ago, deep amongst the tall, overpowering 50-60 feet in height trees that hover over the land. A place where it’s not easy to find, and those not familiar with the area easily get lost. But there’s something very special about these mountains, especially the large crystal quartz protruding out of the Earth and the power it contained. At first, living in an isolated mountain like this can make one feel like in a cave because the land pulls you into union with itself. By simply staring at the trees, one can find it hypnotic, and the feeling of contemplation and meditation can happen naturally. As I sit on my patio and look out into the forest, I have no desire to go anywhere, as if the elemental forces take me over. The feeling of Mother Earth under my feet, the giant trees that seemed to enclose me, and the trance of nature’s magic that exists make me surrender to her. I have learned to fully embrace nature’s ambient presence. Walking trails around me right outside my gate makes easy daily walks with our dogs. The combination of all of this natural habitat pulled me inwards to “write, and writer I become.” This is an inspiring place to go inwards and create. A peaceful and serene place is an inspiration to go within. I am now a regular contributing writer for the “Awakening Starseeds” collaborative book series and other books of Radhaa Publishing House. At the same time, I continue to do my healing practice called ‘Lemurian Code Healing’ and ‘Infinite Cosmic Records’–both are my original healing methods and modalities. 

2. What have you learned as you work with Mother Earth and her crystals? 

A: I have many spiritual guides, and those are the elementals. I love crystal quartz, I have them as my jewelry, displayed around my house, and I feel blessed to have them in my land. According to the Cherokee Indians, this milky-creamy to white Crystals of the Appalachian mountains (in my land) is the Feminine Crystal consciousness that can assist humans and affect our lives if they are programmed in a proper sacred way. For me, these Crystals are my healing tools. They raise the vibration and frequency of everything around them. I have reprogrammed crystals to cleanse, clear, protect people, land, home, and to contribute high vibrations in the healing work I do with my clients. Crystals assist and amplify.

3. Tell us about your Shamanic lineage. 

A: I was born in Maharlika (the Philippines), once a part of an ancient civilization and the first continent on Earth called Mu or Lemuria that sank in the pacific ocean long ago. Due to colonization, the indigenous peoples’ bloodlines have changed dramatically, and many stories were built along with the conquest, not original to the first people of Mu. The history of my original ancestral lineage is noble and magical. I have been blessed to be born in a Shamanic lineage on my father’s side of my family with this precious knowledge. “Shamanism is passed down from one generation to the next. If there is no one aligned with this Shamanic gift, it skips the generation until the right person is born to receive it. This is how Shamanism is passed down through my lineage — the Maharlikan-Lemurian way.” I was born to receive such a noble gift, and with Shaman Don Pedro guiding my path, I am deeply grateful to know this. My magical grandfather Don Pedro knocks on my walls to let me know he’s got a message to deliver. He takes me places to understand my past lives to connect the dots. For example, I lived in Oregon before moving to my Appalachian mountains. I’ve never been to the Carolinas, but I ended up there all of a sudden. In my previous reincarnation–the Appalachian mountains called me back to revisit my past life as a Cherokee Indian. Here in these mountains, visions of Cherokee Indians showed up often. One time a past life vision came: I saw my child self and my Cherokee Indian parents in the deep valley of these mountains trying to escape the “Trail of Tears.” Another time, I saw hundreds of Cherokee Indians peep out of the forest trees. Then, a giant golden-brown Eagle with one wingspan of 6 feet across showed up that hovered in front of me. My DNA remembers my past reincarnation. These experiences allowed me to get deeper into my Shamanic healing practice. 

4. Please share why people are coming to you today.

A: “When I first met Eagle woman, a powerful healer and the granddaughter of native American Indian warrior Geronimo, I was just beginning my healing practice. We spoke about what it meant for us to be the indigenous healers in this land–to assist those willing to be cleared of the old dark template of trauma caused to the indigenous and those lineages who caused it. We provide others the opportunity to heal their lineages caused by trauma passed down from generations.” Since then, I have had all types of clients come to me over the years with various issues: Younger people who have been drug addicts and suicidal, who said that I was their last hope. Then there are clients of the complete opposite: the professionals such as coaches, therapists, psychologists, a lawyer, a doctor, a nurse, healers, artists, writers, and even worldwide pharmaceutical advisors to doctors. My client’s come to me seeking clarity or answers to their traumas, lineage connections, searching on how to improve the way they feel, think, and process their lives to better understand healing tools I offer, as well as to discover the why and what got them into unwanted situations. My clients wanted to take control of making the right choices in life, be responsible and fly high to claim their freedom and destiny. Finally, to solve their issues and be proactive, be conscientiously aware. I am their guide alongside they have chosen to trust.   

5. What will people notice about you? (When working with you?)

A: My clients think I am Earthly, grounded with various tools, and spiritually embodied as a Shaman. I love that my clients appreciate the healing work I do. 

I have created my original healing method, “Lemurian Code Healing” and “Infinite Cosmic Records,” which are modalities very dear to my heart. Because these are based on my actual and authentic personal experiences in life, they hold high-frequency transference to my clients who are open to receiving codes coming through my healing work. I have had many repeat clients, some whom I may not have heard for years, come back. 

With life on our planet Earth shifting so fast, especially with the worldwide pandemic and chaos, clients needed more support than ever to clear their inability to comprehend their reality, from strict mandates to, etc. For example; Challenges, confusions, and anger from these extreme restrictions are up from clients from Canada, Australia, the Philippines who speak of their upsets, anxiety, feeling helpless from the external control issues touching their personal lives from their government leaders. Furthermore, not everyone has the same bodily reactions to vaccinations, but in the Philippines, it has become a dictatorship saying: “You go to jail if you’re not vaccinated!” Not everyone agrees on this cruel strategy. Informed vegans and vegetarians discovered that vaccinations are non-vegan. This has become over the top stressful for this group of people. So I assist my clients in understanding their birthrights and their choices for freedom to speak their voices and clear these mandated traumas by looking into their records to heal and discover their own power to see clearly. 

6. Tell us about your new book, “INFINITE COSMIC RECORDS: Sacred Doorways to Healing & Remembering.” (Where can we find it?) 

A: “INFINITE COSMIC RECORDS: Sacred Doorways to Healing & Remembering.” can be found in two books endorsed by Radhaa Publishing House on Amazon and elsewhere this Spring & Summer 2022. “Infinite Cosmic Records: Doorways to Healing & Remembering”  is my stand-alone book. It will launch in Early Summer 2022, sometime in June. 

2.) A Collaborative healer’s book “ENERGY HEALING & SOUL MEDICINE” has a sliver of writings on my Infinite Cosmic Records for those curious to see my Chapter, entitled “COURAGE TO BE A SEEKER.”

7. What are Infinite Cosmic Records?

“INFINITE COSMIC RECORDS” (ICR) is a heart-centered sacred modality. It has practical healing tools applications to benefit a client. Infinite Cosmic Records came out of my 1st healing modality called Lemurian Code Healing, combined with several sacred journeys I had within 45 years of my spiritual practice, through Tantra Yoga from the East where I experienced my 3rd eye-open up, where I could see beyond 3D, connect with higher consciousness, and take a journey to my Cosmic Records. (The Tantra Yoga I practice has nothing to do with the inverted Tantra Sex of the West). My method was also supported by my Lemurian Shamanic practice through the help of my Lemurian great-great-grandfather, Don Pedro, a magical Shaman and time traveler portal keeper. (Visit my writings from a collaborative book-2nd edition, “AWAKENING STARSEEDS: SHATTERING ILLUSIONS, Vol. 1” in Chapter 2, entitled “THE KNOCK.” You can find this book on Amazon or Radhaa Publishing House.)  

Infinite Cosmic records are a benevolent, sacred, safe healing method based on the Cosmic-Shamanic-Tantric path. My clients’ journey to retrieve their forgotten past lives, to understand their present issues and future destiny. By peeling off many layers of the self, whom you think you are in the moment, you’ll discover you’re more than what you imagine. More of you are hidden beneath layers of coverings, and your true self emerges in this journey. My clients would refer to this method somewhat similar to past-life regression, Akashic Records, Dolores Cannon, shadow-work, inner-child work, or Ayahuasca-like purging for some. Your Cosmic Records are stored in the safekeeping of this Universe, where you can access it, as nothing is ever lost. 

9. Why is this book so important for others? (What is your mission?)

A: The book “INFINITE COSMIC RECORDS: Doorways to Healing & Remembering” is valuable. Information about others will inspire you. In this book, my clients share their most private and personal stories knowing that they are more than meets the eye! As a human being, connected to your body-mind-soul experience on Earth and beyond can be known to you when you enter your records. You will see your multidimensional selves in one session through this sacred method I offer, called “Infinite Cosmic Records.” This book covers my explanation of how I discovered Infinite Cosmic Records, how I work with my clients, and how my clients agreed to write their journey with me in entering their records. When you journey with me, you get to enter past or future portals to improve the present condition of your life and understand who you are on a deep level with the power you have been granted by the great Universe. This experience is empowering for my clients. I aspire that you use it for your highest benevolent good.

I invite you to dive deep into your cosmic records with me. The Infinite Cosmic Records are available for you to experience massive healing. As a sincere, true seeker, you will be given the pathway to your records through sacred doorways you will enter in our session. Clients arrived at our session wanting to be their very own seers, to look into their Cosmic records during their sessions, and while I guide them in this journey, I see what they see, I feel what they feel, and when lost, I take them back for guidance and keep them safe. “It’s the kind that expands your consciousness and fills you up until all parts of you remember who you are.”  It’s truly empowering for my clients.

10. Can you please share a few client testimonials? 

“Maya is a knowledgeable healer. You’ll feel safely guided, while exploring the inner caverns of your souls guidance. You’ll be in great hands. What stood out the most was her vast array of experience and technique. She has so many unique and varied tools in her magic toolbox. Her confidence and grace was commendable, she’s a gifted healer, a revered Shaman”. – Lori Roddey

“Maya, for me, is a channel that has been given to us by source as a living example of our ancestral medicine and its connection with all its variants. She is a Divine Feminine, Shaman, and Medicine Woman. I have a lot of respect and gratitude for her services, her example, and her dedication. Her essence speaks louder than her words, as all being directed by the divine presence. I recommend the experience 100%, and I feel grateful. For me, infinite Cosmic Records is a journey towards infinity that lives within each one of us. A guided meditation trip that you connect with different scenarios from past lives and subconscious level memories. The experience transports you to ground zero, out of the concept of time in this dimension. This journey does not end with the session. As soon as the session ends, you notice how you have opened doors to very deep levels of your being, and the adventure begins through dreams, downloads, music, and thoughts. You are making conjectures from experiences, connecting with your identity, essence, and every detail that makes you whole. I recommend this experience to anyone looking for meaning and direction in their spiritual journey, open to unlearning and learning new perspectives and expanding their life experience without prejudice and expectations for greater enjoyment and results.” – Yarimar Valle Andújar.

“There’s times where your intuition nudges you to say no or yes and whenever I talk to Maya it’s like it’s screaming Yes, and my mental mind is trying to catch up to that feeling and discover why. I think it’s because there is this truth and she is this beautiful channel for this sacred knowledge to come through from and heal throughout. Like that feeling you get when you have felt something before, so passionately and for so long, but had never heard anyone else talk about it, and then hearing someone describe those exact feelings, is what it’s like talking to Maya, I can almost feel her letting the words come that she feels need to come with a sense of divine truth and cosmic integrity, as if my spirit guides were auditing her every word.I never realize just how much pain I hold onto until I start talking about it. Exploring some of my upbringing with Maya was gut wrenching & it was hard to breath or speak or hold back the quiver in my voice and the tears in my eyes. Feeling very thankful for Maya at the end of it all as always and very light literally.” – Alex.

“Maya the Shaman is an excellent guide. I felt completely held and safe within the portal. I was able to let go and to see and experience what was taking place on a very real and visceral level. I often find it hard to do this when someone is guiding me. Up to this session with Maya, I had been unable to allow myself to see and not feel myself judging or ridiculing my every word. I had only really been able to have profound experiences like this with pre recorded material. I was unable to get out of my way during a live session. But with Maya, I trusted myself and trusted what I was observing and seeing with my third eye. I absolutely and highly recommend booking a session straight away to anyone wanting to gain clarity or healing of a particular experience or past lives timeline. This experience has changed me and given me confidence in myself beyond what I can say with mere words. I am forever grateful to Maya.” – Blossom Rountree.

“The Infinite Cosmic records session has helped me achieve another step in my growing process, And I will forever be grateful for this experience and my time with Maya The Shaman.” – Kory Muniz.

11. What is the greatest lesson you have learned?

A: The greatest lesson I have learned is that “When I think I have arrived, there’s much more to discover as long as I keep my optimism in check to integrate my human experiences. The end is the beginning of something new, a cycle filled with mystery and spiritual awakening in the Cosmic creation. Life and death are intertwined in the dance of creation, so there’s nothing to fear. When I do my sacred calling, and I live in my light and love of this cosmic creation, I trust the Cosmic maker of this Universe to protect me and my loved ones. Surrendering to the sacred is the only way. We are at the end of the dark cycle called Kali Yuga, which seems so dark; dark and light battles, and victory belongs to the light! Because we are entering now the new cycle called Satya Yuga–the age of truth, the Golden Age, a 26 thousand years of waiting, can you imagine this Cosmic gift?! A time where quantum leaps take place in all levels of our lives for the better. Positive thinking is important here, “As you think you become!” So my advice is for you to be prepared to participate in this mega-shift of consciousness! You’re a part of this creation and a co-creator of this Universe. You’re an important part of this cosmic play, never think your presence here on Earth has no value. Manifestations are possible now if you can focus and reshape your thoughts for your highest good. Each of us need to know that we are not alone, we are loved and supported by this Great Universe who wants us to reach our highest potential. So never give up!”

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