Bella Hadid Is Not the Most Beautiful Woman in the World as New Supermodel Lisa Bree Hoggarth Breaks Her Golden Ratio of Beauty Record

According to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, Bella Hadid is considered the most beautiful woman in the world, but there is a new supermodel from Australia who has overtaken the American model

The metric for deciding the most beautiful woman in the world is the Golden Ratio of Beauty, also known as Phi or Fibonacci. It is a scientific and mathematical calculation algorithm that underlies the human perception of beauty and attractiveness. Renowned cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva announced Bella Hadid as the most beautiful woman in the world using the Golden Ratio theory as she recorded the highest known ratio of 9.78% or 98.8% on the golden ratio face app. Bella Hadid was 9.4 or 94%.

Through the Golden Ratio theory, a list of the most beautiful women in the world was put together, with Beyoncé, Adriana Lima, Ariana Grande, Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, and a host of others. Surprisingly, a recent turn of events proves that the list of most beautiful women in the world and the top spot does not accurately capture the correct information. Australian supermodel Lisa Bree Hoggarth has grandly smashed Bella Hadid’s Golden Ratio record.

Lisa Bree Hoggarth may not be one of the common names mentioned when it comes to fashion and modelling. Little wonder why she was not considered in Julian De Silva’s expedition with the Golden Ratio of Beauty initiative. However, after Lisa took a picture with a mysterious gold light surrounding her, someone introduced her to the Golden Ratio of Beauty theory, and when she measured her face, she had a ratio record of 1.625, which categorically suggests that Lisa Bree surpasses both Bella, the current holder of the most beautiful woman in the world record and Julian’s stipulated ratio record. She also surpassed histories great beauties such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and various other well known Supermodels.

Getting ignored does not come as a surprise to Lisa. The supermodel has had a fair share of denial, betrayal, and neglect from all angles of the fashion industry. Lisa began “Hallways are Runways” in 2020 during the pandemic with a vision to save fashion at a global trying time. Despite her efforts to reach out to industry leaders and ask for support, no one was willing to work with her. Unperturbed, Lisa moved on to generate a global following for her concept through hard work and commitment, earning her the title “Face of Fashion.”

“I haven’t been treated right by the industry,” asserted Lisa Bree. “I have been ignored, silenced, rejected, and even modelled without payment. It feels like narcissistic abuse, and no one should be treated like that. I had a right to receive work as a model, but it is atrocious that I am the most beautiful woman in the world and have been used and not credited. I just want my career.”

While Lisa Bree expects nothing but the best of treatments and acceptance, she has faced severe hostility. She recounts having received an email from Melbourne Fashion Week asking her to buy a ticket for its event despite her numerous contributions to the advancement of fashion in the country. Another instance Lisa cited was when the TV show Neighbours imitated her “Hallways are Runways” in their reel posts, using their model and without giving Lisa due credit. Lisa asked the TV show owners for compensation and was ignored every time.

All of these may seem like a limitation, but Lisa Bree is a icon and history in the making, she is not allowing these setbacks to hinder her from rising to the peak of her career.

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