Belgium Citizens Can Avail Lots of Benefits From the Long-Term Canada eTA Along With the Multiple Entry Feature

Belgium citizens can receive lots of benefits from the long-term Canada Visa Online. It offers a validity of five years. They can also make use of the multiple entry facility, which allows them to make frequent visits to Canada based on their choice.

Canada eTA or Canada Visa Online is somewhat similar to the ordinary paper Visa. The main difference is that Canada’s e-Visa is an electronic travel document while the other is a paper Visa. The application process for both of them varies, and applying for a paper visa via the embassy is much harder than applying for an e-Visa. To receive a paper Visa, an individual will have to waste a lot of effort, time, and money. All these problems can be solved by choosing the online method of Visa application via For this method, there is no need to visit any offices for Visa applications and to submit certain documents. Every process can be done using a mobile phone from the home including submitting the necessary documents and paying the Visa application fee.

Canada Visa Application Process

To start the Canada e-Visa application, the applicant can visit and fill out the application form with the necessary details. Only valid information must be provided in the application form, or else the application will be rejected. Certain documents will be asked, which can be uploaded directly to the website, or through the link provided in the email. The primary requirements for this application process are a valid passport, email id, and credit or debit card. Email address is necessary, as the applicant received an e-Visa through it. In normal cases, the e-Visa will be issued within 24 hours, but it can also take up to 72 hours. A credit or debit card is required to pay the Visa application fee, which will be charged during the application process.

Canada Visa for Belgian citizens

Citizens of Belgium and many other eligible foreign countries can enjoy fast entry using the Canada eTA program. Canada Visa Online is a long-term Visa with five years of validity, which can be used to stay in Canada for 90 days on each visit. By using this e-Visa Belgian citizens are allowed to visit Canada continuously until the Visa validity ends. All Belgian citizens above 18 years can apply for Canada eTA via A separate application form is available for children, who want to visit Canada.

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