Beeco Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Their Kitchen Composter

Providers of innovative home appliances, Beeco, announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for their groundbreaking kitchen composter that turns food waste into fertilizer

It is looking like an opportunity for people across the globe to join the green campaign and save the planet as Beeco launches a crowdfunding campaign for their kitchen composter. The innovative indoor composter is designed to convert food waste into organic fertilizer that can be used in planting anything, including beautiful flowers in the backyard.

Food waste remains one of the major challenges faced by environmentalists across the globe. The situation is not particularly different in North America, with a recent report revealing that over 300 billion pounds of food are wasted yearly. The stats are particularly worrisome in a time when food insecurity and waste management continue to ravage the world. Consequently, Beeco seeks to ameliorate the situation with the introduction of their compact, indoor composter, creating a win-win scenario for everyone.

Beeco helps to prevent people from throwing off fruit, veggie peelings, and eggshells while bringing nature into urban homes for a sustainable lifestyle with exclusive microbial starters. The composter can decompose up to 2.5kg of food waste at once, ensuring the kitchen is always clean with its automatic compositing system making the process effortless. Other features of Beeco include an automatic low energy consumption system and accelerated fermentation and decomposition of organic to simulate the transformation of waste into usable, nutrient-rich soil and create an optimal ecosphere.

The composter is particularly unique as unlike other machines that just dry and grind food scraps, Beeco ensures biodegradation to produce truly nutritious organic fertilizers to benefit plants, with the capacity to break down over 90% of food waste, including dairy, meat, cooked food, fish, fruits, and vegetable. The easy-to-use composter comes with a 7L compost bucket enough to store food waste for a family of 10-person one day. The hygienic, odor-free, smarter, money-saving solution comes with a touchless sensing door, air purification technology, and noise reduction.

Beeco will undoubtedly enable more people to contribute to environmental protection and give the next generation a cleaner and better planet.

The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will allow interested persons to enjoy up to 50% off the bid price as well as other perks that come with backing the campaign.

For more information about Beeco and to join the movement to create a safer planet, visit – Beeco can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

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