Becoming Hafiz-E-Quran at Home Is Possible Through an Online Quran Memorization Course.

When a knowledgeable Quran tutor is appointed to teach online, memorizing the Holy Book becomes much simpler. Every Muslim has the goal of being able to recite the entire Holy Quran from memory. Still, many of our brothers and sisters cannot pursue this goal because of their hectic schedules, varying prayer times, and a lack of spiritual direction. As a result, it is nearly impossible for them to finish reciting the Quran from memory. Because Quran Teacher is aware of how important it is to memorize the Quran, the company now provides online classes that can be taken in the comfort of one’s own home.

Significance of Quran Memorization 

Every Muslim considers it a tremendous honor and a source of great joy to be able to recite the Holy Quran from memory. Whoever learns the Qur’an by heart and then behaves following what they have learned, Allah will reward him and praise him much for that. As a result, his rank in paradise will climb to the degree proportional to how much of the Holy Quran he has learned.

Quran Memorization at Quran Teacher Live

This course, “Quran Memorization Online,” was developed here at Quran Teacher Live specifically for the brothers and sisters who have a strong desire and interest in learning how to recite the Quran by heart. We offer a flexible timetable combined with a very basic and easy process for memorizing the Holy Quran under the direction of our qualified online Quran instructor. It is all done under the guidance of our online Quran community. 

If you give yourself enough time and pay attention to what you’re doing, you may easily memorize the Quran in the comfort of your home. You can access your classes on your personal computer, iPad, or mobile phone anytime and from any location.

You will experience what it is like to be at an Islamic community center while learning the Quran online since we combine traditional methods with more contemporary ones. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the free trial classes for learning the Quran.

Method to memorize Quran at Quran Teacher Live

Methods We Use to Help People Learn the Quran Online is interactive and convenient. Every one of these sessions is broken up into the three sections that are as follows:

Sabaq (New Lesson)

Sabaq signifies new learning. The student listens to the instructor recite a few verses from the Holy Quran and then practices learning and memorizing these verses by first attempting to learn and memorize them with the correct pronunciation and accent and then attempting to learn and memorize them by repeating them many times. The teacher of our Quran class will instruct you to memorize your lesson not only during the Quran class but also after it. Before moving on to the following online session, the student must completely memorize this subject.

Sabaqi (Revision)

The term “Sabaqi” refers to a review of the earlier lessons of the same jazz the student has been instructed to learn in the most recent classes. The student will read aloud, and the instructor will pay attention to what he has to say. After each new Sabqi lesson, each student must recite the previous Sabqi lesson to ensure that they thoroughly memorize the material.

Manzil (Revision)

The term “Manzil” refers to the process of reviewing any Juzz, even if the pupil has already committed it to memory. Every day, the student will review aloud for at least half of Juzz, and the instructor will pay attention to what he has to say. It provides both the student and the teacher with a sense of satisfaction and assurance that the learner recalls more and more information without losing track of the earlier teachings.

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