Morrisville, PA — (SBWIRE) — 01/05/2022 — The bathroom serves many functions: it’s a place to prep for the day, to take a moment in the middle of a busy afternoon, and to wind down at night. For this reason, proper lighting is key to a great bathroom. Unfortunately, it’s often an afterthought for many homeowners seeking to redesign their bathrooms. Beco Designs, a company that provides bathroom ideas throughout Princeton Junction, NJ, says lighting should be a top consideration when constructing or renovating a bathroom. To help homeowners get started on their new project, the New Jersey remodeling company offers several tips.

Nothing beats natural lighting. It provides sharp, clear images and can uplift one’s spirit. Windows should be placed on opposite or adjacent walls to provide balance. For reliable, all-day lighting and privacy, homeowners can install skylights, which also add drama to the ceiling.

In addition to ensuring a bathroom has a sufficient amount of daylight, homeowners should pay attention to the amount of lighting around a bathroom mirror. The mirror is often the first and last thing a person looks into before beginning their day. Lighting on either side of the mirror can illuminate the face without casting shadows like downlighting, effectively boosting self-esteem. Sconces can provide the light the bathroom needs while also adding a sophisticated style.

Homeowners should also consider how well-lit their tubs and showers are, especially if they are investing in a new clawfoot tub or shower tiles. These fixtures are the main features of the bathroom and shouldn’t be hidden in shadows. Pendant lighting can be an excellent option for tubs, adding a luxurious flair, and spotlights work well in showers. Beco Designs suggests placing these lights on dimmers to set the perfect mood.

Working with a remodeling company allows homeowners to feel confident they are getting both function and style out of their lighting fixtures. For more than 60 years, Beco Designs has been creating a balance of perfect illumination and unique design in bathrooms across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For more bathroom ideas in Hamilton, NJ, and the neighboring communities, visit today.

About Beco Kitchens and Bathrooms
Beco Kitchens and Bathrooms provides kitchen and bathroom remodeling services in Bucks County, PA, Main Line, PA, and Mercer County, NJ. The company has been family owned and operated since its founding in 1956. Their 3,000 square foot showroom features top brands in cabinetry, countertops and sinks.

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