Lady Diviniti, a Bay Area, California based artist and journalist describes a pleasant experience upon meeting Kanye West and a “full circle moment’’ claiming the “Praise God” singer to be kind and embracing during the latest annual Donda Sports Homecoming game which took place December 22nd of 2021.

Despite any preconceived assumptions that Kanye would be upset over a missed reconciliation with estranged wife, Kim Kardashian and more specifically during that time period before new girlfriend Julia Fox comes into frame; Kanye appeared to be content while enjoying time with friends, mingling and smelling good according to Lady Diviniti’s observation in her post on Big Indy Magazine’s most recent blog.

Diviniti, who’s been very vocal surrounding journalism integrity admits to feeling nervous immediately before meeting Mr. West; “I did somewhat freeze up initially upon meeting Ye, but I quickly learned there was no need for that since he’s actually not as intimidating as big media makes him seem, he was actually quite the opposite and very embracing.” She also goes on to describe his scent” — I’m not sure of the name of the cologne Kanye was wearing, but it was good! It smelled like a smoky frankincense with a hint of citrus, faint but delightful, not at all overbearing.’’

It’s unclear if Kanye West recycles his styles often or if he has multiple pairs of the same items but he’s taken heat from both disappointed fans and public figures for a lack of style and rewearing outfits. Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree Samuels took to Twitter to state he’s “always been a Kanye fan” yet “really hates how he’s been dressing these last two years — he used to be an inspiration with clothes and jewelry. Now this guy just wears hoodies and black gloves and it bothers me.”

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