Baron Card has announced the launch of the membership NFT, a digital asset that gives holders exclusive access to different events and perks across the globe.

Baron is the first-of-its-kind membership NFT that will grant people access to future private events and invitations as well as concierge service from Baron. In a related development, the first of the NFTs have been launched on Opensea, with pre-sale for only 10 NFTs per city, as part of the plan to launch only 100 NFTs per city.

The global blockchain space continues to evolve and expand as more solutions emerge to meet the diverse needs of different stakeholders. One of such concepts is the NFT, otherwise known as a non-fungible token, which has been described as one of the next big things in the crypto space. Recent stats have substantiated this claim, with a report published by The Marketplace Fairness revealing that the market cap for global transactions of NFTs was $40.96 million in 2018. The report also put the market cap at $141.56 million in 2019 and $338.04 million in 2020, with Jack Dorsey’s (the founder of Twitter) first tweet selling for almost $3 million, making it one of the most popular NFTs. However, Baron Card is looking to take the whole experience a notch higher by creating an NFT-backed community with the launch of the membership NFT.

The Baron Card collection serves as an exclusive membership card that grants access to future Baron private events and invitations, concierge service, private community chat, and early access to partner NFT projects, amongst others. There will be only 100 NFTs per city available and pre-sale is only with 10 NFTs per city. The featured cities are Amsterdam, Warsaw, Sydney, Toronto, Moscow, Rome, New York, Paris, Singapore, and San Francisco.

The Baron Card is already available for interested persons on Opensea for just 0.1ETH. Baron Bard has also announced that the first 10 NFTs for each city will be officially launched and available for distribution on the 5th of January, 2022. Developers of the NFT have also announced a planned launch of another 15 cities, to bring the total to 25 cities, in Q2.

Baron is particularly unique as a digital asset and exclusive access, allowing members of the “closed community” with 100 people in each city. In addition to being an appreciable asset that will grow in value due to its exclusivity, members also enjoy several benefits, including as much as 25% off hotel stays, free upgrades, spa/restaurant vouchers, and a host of others. Members can also connect with other NFT owners, expand their network of high net worth business owners and reserve their favorite restaurant or get tickets to sold-out events and sports games.

Becoming a member of the exclusive community is pretty straightforward. Interested persons in each city can buy their Baron NFT on and receive the NFT and unlock a unique membership code, with access to the community from March 1, 2022.

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