BACD.IO Now Listed on Uniswap and Pancakeswap

16th March, 2022 – United States – is now listed on uni swap and pancakeswap. BACD is pleased to announce that they are now listed on uni swap and pancakeswap, which will enable us to provide their users with more liquidity and better investment opportunities. is tokenizing the private equity sector, starting with the US market. With a portfolio of companies in various stages of development, provides exposure to high-quality startup investments that are often inaccessible to the average investor.

The objective of Backed is to create a strong consensus between established banks, institutional investors, pension funds, venture capitalists, retail investors, crypto companies, regulatory bodies, and financial institutions to develop a comprehensive understanding of the technologies and investment opportunities, as well as a framework for a compliant, fully regulated blockchain.

Investing in private equity and digital assets will trigger a global reallocation of funds from traditional stock markets. Investors would be protected from large, inevitable corrections on the stock market in a system that rewards all participants on a merit-based basis, based on their individual contributions to the new, smarter investment eco-system.

A proposed overall framework for the bespoke Backed offering uses game theory to calculate the “most optimal joint solution, where all parties win”. To do this, you need to understand all legal aspects of cryptography, as well as regulations, tax issues, criminal perspectives, terror law, government policies, AML, and KYC.

The Backed team calculates and recommends the optimal solution and incorporates our findings into our total technical offering. Additionally, we employ mathematical methods to determine optimal mixes of asset classes. has made an unforgettable impact on the Private equity industry. Many investors still consider private equity to be one of the most promising asset classes of the future. It is defined as capital that is not listed on a public exchange and is made up of funds, institutional investors, professional investors, as well as retail investors, which invest directly in private companies or undertake acquisitions of public companies, causing public equity to be delisted.

The investment capital system utilizes funding from various industries, including that used to develop new technologies, growing companies, for acquisitions, expand working capital, and strengthen balance sheets.

The private equity industry has experienced unprecedented success over the last five years. There have been more investments, raised more money, and distributed more capital back to investors than at any other time in the industry’s history. In addition, markets have never been more volatile; the US-China trade wars escalate, Brexit, overvalued stock prices, large government deficits, inflation, and numerous other factors have all contributed to the need for new safe havens for investors.


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