Axon Development Corporation Provides Complete Solutions to Trucking Industry With Its Innovative Software


Founded in 1982, Axon Development Corporation started with a vision to establish and develop a single real-time fully integrated trucking software application. Since the outset, the company has made its mark by establishing itself as a trustworthy and leading transportation management system. So far, it has served thousands of users in trucking industries all over North America.

Transportation Management System

Axon TMS Software helps your transportation management system works fine and smoothly. Put all of your hassles aside now. Now it is time to maximize fuel efficiency & costs and eliminate driver pay stress. Make your invoices quicker and get paid faster – thanks to Axon TMS Software. For the companies in the business of trucking, Axon TMS Software emerges brilliant as it is utterly integrated in real-time. The information you enter anywhere in the system will automatically and quickly update your dispatch, fleet management, billing, pay for the drivers, fuel management and fleet maintenance with just a single entry. Your administration time will cut to half. Your drivers will be happier with instant payments and you will be able to file IFTA reports on-time and smoothly.

Following software have been developed to help the trucking industry in their transport management system:
Trucking Dispatch Software: Axon’s software for transportation management companies is for all sizes and industries including carriers, haulers, long haul, FTL/LTL, freight brokers, heavy haul, intermodal and specialized trucking. With this software, you can generate more cash and enhance your staff’s productivity.
Field Ticket Software: Axon TMS Software has developed a software for field ticket that smoothly streamline data entry and brilliantly manages the needs of oilfield services, aggregate haulers, dump trucks and construction. Other software which help the trucking industry’s transportation management systems developed by Axon are mentioned as under:
Fleet Management Software
Trucking Accounting Software
IFTA and Fuel Tax Software
Fleet Maintenance Software
Warehouse Management System
Purchase Orders Software

Make your professional life ease and put all burdens aside by using Axon TMS software.

Fleet Management Software

This is a small investment on the software, and you will begin getting larger returns. Fleet Management Software optimizes the business and does more of what works. It is pretty much best for freight haulers, oilfield trucking, carriers, aggregate hauling and brokers. Axon Fleet System is superb for your fleet management.

Axon Fleet System provides you satellite trucking interfaces, it increases driver’s efficiency. Axon Fleet System integrates with a wider variety of satellite trucking interfaces.

Stay connected with mobile app now. The app has been developed for a clear and effectual two-way communication between the dispatch office staffers and mobile drivers in the field.

Axon Fleet System provides secure web access to its customers with web portal to enhance speed and accuracy for them and their customers. All the data is provided in real-time information.

Fleet Maintenance Software

This software provides fleet solutions by Axon. It is now time to optimize your fleet using fleet solutions by Axon. You can click to get depth and complete details about this brilliant software that will help you for your work orders, inventory controls and maintenance.

Axon Development Corporation is your solution for your trucking business. Visit its website or contact the courteous team to get information, details and get answers to your questions. Your one stop solution. 

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