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Bringing gadgets back to life

After years of impeccable service throughout certain parts of the UAE, Axiom has announced that there will now be an Axiom Care Dubai service center for mobile repairs. This is definitely going to be good news to people in the city who will require effective mobile repair in Dubai.

With the world now becoming dependent on their phones to live, work, and communicate, mobile phone repair services have a steady demand. It is no different in Dubai where tech is in high use. Just like its other service centers, Axiom Care Dubai will handle Samsung mobile repair, Huawei mobile repair, and Nokia mobile repair among others.

Founded in 1997, Axiom Care has gradually evolved into one of the most reliable mobile phone service providing companies around the UAE. According to its website, the company makes over 350,000 device repairs annually, with a 97% return on customer satisfaction. Its Dubai location is a mobile repair service center that has been designed to reach customers anywhere in Dubai.

The company ensures that product care is accessible and affordable, and the ultimate solution is given to technological problems. Interestingly, the company ensures the longevity of devices using efficient troubleshooting techniques. With over 200 experts on the technical team, Axiom Telecom fixes just anything related to gadgets, including minor software glitches and chip replacement. Phones under warranty or out of warranty are brought to life at Axiom Telecom, and customers are given the opportunity to experience the repairs as they happen at the office.

“We understand the role of technology and gadgets that are so strongly intertwined with our daily life making us more connected and productive. Hence we are aware of the impact and inconvenience of potential downtime of these gadgets bring along. A trusted partner like us will help you through these difficult times. Our 20+ years of experience backed by authorization from all the major Brands and powered by technologists will guide you through. In our 20+ years, we have witnessed all extremes of faults, so you can rest assured of our capabilities and experience. We are trained and certified by the manufacturers to handle all the defects & repair them as per the manufacturers’ Standards,” said the company’s spokesperson.

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