AV Access Introduces a New 8K Dual Monitor DisplayPort KVM Switch to Help Users Enhance Productivity in Home Office & Gaming

The number of people working from home continues to increase these days. Most of them tend to use more than one PC and more than one monitor. With AV Access’s new 8K dual monitor DisplayPort KVM switch, users can control two PCs with only one set of keyboard, mouse and two 8K monitors simultaneously.
With AV Access 8KSW21DP-DM 8K dual monitor KVM switch, users can control their desktop/laptop with two monitors and only one set of keyboard, mouse, or other devices. It helps users view extra screens, boosting their productivity in office work, learning and gaming.

AV Access, a leading provider of Pro AV and AV over IP solutions, recently announced the addition of the 8KSW21DP-DM 8K dual monitor DisplayPort KVM switch to the company’s KVM switch portfolio. It boasts an innovative dual DP input channel, 8K ultra HD resolution, ultra-high refresh rates, and other amazing features, ideal for office work, gaming and learning.

Innovative Dual DP Input & 8K UHD Resolution

“Nowadays, an increasing number of people working from home tend to have more than one PC and more than one monitor. And DisplayPort interface is becoming increasingly popular. The new 8K dual monitor KVM switch is specially designed for those people like video editors, graphic designers, and professional gamers. It helps simplify home office setup, reduce the cost of extra peripherals, and boost productivity,” explained Bill Liao, CTO of AV Access.

The 8K KVM switch is built with 4x DP input ports (2 in 1 group) and 2x DP output ports. Thus, users can easily switch between their workstation and gaming PC, and view two monitor screens at the same time. Besides, with DP 2.0/1.4a and HDCP 2.2 compliance, it supports video resolution up to 8K@60hz, offering an immersive viewing experience. It also supports the full range of DP features, like MST, VRR, HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, etc.

High Refresh Rate & Fast Switching

This new 8K dual monitor KVM switch also supports ultra-high refresh rates, like 4K@165hz/144hz, 3440×1440@144hz/120hz, 2560×1440@144hz/120hz, 1080P@240hz, etc, perfect for switching between high-speed racing game sources. It is built with 5x USB type-A port (3x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 1.1), so users can control two PCs with only one set of USB devices, like mouse, keyboard, 4K webcam, and speakerphone.

In addition, with the automatic PC wake-up function, it only takes users 2-3 seconds to switch between two PC sources. The 8K DP KVM switch supports switching via the panel button and IR remote. It also works flawlessly with various kinds of keyboards for hotkey switching.

“Now the new 8K DisplayPort KVM switch is priced at only $179.99 on our official site. And we will arrange shipment as soon as you place an order. It is a must-have for switching between your gaming PC and workstation,” added Bill.

About AV Access

AV Access is the world’s professional manufacturer of advanced Pro AV and AV over IP products, which include extenders, splitters, switchers, matrixes, AV over IP codecs, etc. Since establishment, it has long been our mission to offer ultimate audiovisual experience to the masses by delivering quality-assured and well-designed AV products at honest pricing. We will continue to develop more innovative products and solutions in the fields of smart home, corporate, education, retail, entertainment, health care, etc. Strong R&D, powerful supply chain and excellent management team make AV Access be qualified as your faithful partner! Learn more by visiting http://www.avaccess.com

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