Automatic Evasion Technology That Gave Wings to Water-Drone

Evolve to water-drone evading obstacles = ‘JD Co.,Ltd.’ located in the Jinju knowledge industry center is a company that specializes in shipbuilding design. After being established in 2017, starting 2019 they have put in a lot of effort in developing the water-drone since 2019 after seeing its potentials.

CEO Park Jung Geon(40) used to be in charge of design·R&D(research & development) from a shipyard. After the company bankrupted he has established JD Co.,Ltd. With his career of 16 years of designing, he has grown JD Co.,Ltd. into an early designing exclusive company.

CEO Park has told “Shipbuilding designing field cannot make constant sales unless orders are obtained, therefore diversification of the industry was necessary” and “Have jumped into water-drone field considering it as the blue ocean.”

Starting at 230 million won sales in 2018 with 3 employees, JD Co.,Ltd. has increased 4 times its sales and employees to 1 billion won sales and 12 employees.

Domestic aquaculture faces difficulty in management due to aging, climate change and so on. CEO Park has decided that weather, real-time observation and analysis of the ocean information would become easy without having to look around the aquafarm on a boat everyday once a water-drone was developed.

Currently JD Co.,Ltd. has completed developing a multipurpose water-drone for aquafarm management and is already selling it on the market. Total 15 drones are in operation from aquafarm, research institute and others.

JD’s water-drone for aquafarm management weighs 5kg, operates up to maximum 5 hours and its maximum speed is 3㎧. The difference against other competitive companies are water-transmission, screen dispatch, auto-driving, turnover prevention and so on.

CEO Park has mentioned that “Being a water-drone the operation time is longer and the price is cheaper compared to a drone (unmanned aerial vehicle)” and “It also holds an optimized condition for operating over water with overturn prevention etc. through designing experience.”

However CEO Park has received some errors from the customers when an obstacle such as floating matters in the ocean are found by the water-drone, one must avoid them manually. And so it was decided that technical solution was necessary and according to it this year technology promotion network business, small and medium-sized enterprise R&D commercialization support center business was applied to the Gyeongnam TP.

As a support business, JD Co.,Ltd. has received the ‘Obstacle recognition·auto evasion function’ technology possessed by Changwon National University. And also a technology transfer commercialization management fund of the Korea technology Finance Corporation was supported this August. Furthermore, JD Co.,Ltd. was selected by the Jinju Innotown technology transfer commercialization ‘technology transfer R&BD(commercialization association technology development)’ for support funds.

The water-drone for aquafarm management mounted with auto evasion technology is scheduled to complete its development before June next year.

CEO Park has emphasized that “Once the water-drone for aquafarm management mounted with evasion technology is developed, the tiredness of having to watch over and manually operate will reduce” and “it will become an innovative product at the aging fishing village.”

JD Co.,Ltd. is planning on developing a drone and equipment that can be used in various fields related to the ocean such as ocean floor topography measurement, ocean trash·floating matters collection, taking count measures against oil-spill and so on. A way of mounting the necessary purpose of each equipment on the water-drone for use. The ocean floor topography measuring drone will be developed before December of next year. CEO Park expressed that “We hope to increase the water-drone to take up to 70% of the sales with the goal of 4 billion won by 2025” and “will expand into a business relevant to smart fishing village etc. by increasing the size by preoccupying the water-drone market.”

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