Auto Window Tint Trends of 2022 That Car Lovers Everywhere Will Love

If you’re in the market for new auto window tint, then here are some of the most cutting-edge trends from the industry experts!

Vancouver, WA — (ReleaseWire) — 02/18/2022 — Each new year provides all sorts of changes from the auto window tint industry, which is why auto shops and car lovers everywhere need to know what’s now coming out from the industry’s expert teams.

NW Window Tinting is one of the very best window tinting companies in the United States, and they’ve proven time and time again that they’re the industry specialists that remain on the cutting edge of their ever-developing trade. Today there are several new industry trends coming out that car lovers everywhere should know, including the following:

Ceramic Window Tinting
Although ceramic isn’t necessarily everyone’s instinctual choice for window tinting, it’s now considered to be a great option for a lot of vehicles. These tints are comprised of countless tiny particles that people can’t actually see, which is great because it ends up blocking out 90% of infrared rays while simultaneously increasing overall driver visibility.

Your car will end up being a lot cooler on hot days because of ceramic window tints, and these types of tints are also much less likely to fade or shatter over long periods of time.

Crystalline Tinting
There are plenty of drivers out there that don’t want their windows to appear abnormally dark while also getting adequate UV reduction, and what’s great is that the industry is now turning towards crystalline options that reflect solar energy incredibly well.

Crystalline tints are known for helping vehicles seem much more comfortable and cooler when summer heat gets intense, which is why it’s becoming more popular in warmer climates for 2022 consumers!

Carbon Window Film
It’s common knowledge that carbon has been used for all sorts of everyday products for a long time, including things like jewelry, batteries, mechanical pencils, industrial machinery and even as a fuel source. The good news for car lovers is that carbon film is now being utilized for auto windows, and that it just so happens to be an unbelievable product for blocking out solar rays and reducing overall interior temperatures of cars!

Carbon tinting also provides a very sleek, aesthetic matte finish that a lot of car lovers think looks absolutely perfect. This 2022 industry trend tends to be on the more expensive side, but its overall durability makes it a long-term investment that a lot of people simply can’t pass up!

Metalized Film
With this recent 2022 window tint trend, a thin metal coating would be applied to your vehicle to effectively repel solar rays. This tint has incredible reflection capabilities, which boosts air conditioning performance and other vehicular needs.

Metalized film also creates a mirror-like, reflective aesthetic that a lot of car lovers like a lot! It’s also important to note that you can have this type of tint combined with other dyes to give it a smokier look as opposed to glossy. So it’s really up to your personal taste when it comes to how this window tint’s aesthetics look on your car!

2022 Will Be A Big Year For The Auto Window Tint Industry, So Make Sure Your Car Is Ready To Keep You Comfortable And Looking Great!

The window tinting industry is always developing new trends that auto shops and car lovers alike should stay on top of, and the best thing you can do for industry trends is reach out to an expert and see what’s new.

You can contact NW Window Tinting to learn more about what’s in store for the auto tint industry for 2022 by clicking on the above link and checking out their site!

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