Author’s Tranquility Press Takes Dr Yash Paul Soni’s Second Book, ‘Basket of Corruption Over Six Continents’ to the Right Audience

Exploration of the history of corruption around the globe

Dr Yash Soni is enjoying a successful book year as he publishes his second book this year shortly after the first. This is quite the achievement and renowned publicity agency, Author’s Tranquility Press can not be prouder to be a part of Dr Yash’s successful year. Titled ‘Basket of Corruption Over Six Continents,’ Dr Yash takes a deep dive into the history of corruption with accounts of events in six out of the seven continents in the world.

Referred to as a ‘Souvenir Book,’ by Dr Yash himself, ‘Basket of Corruption Over Six Continents,’ is his gift to people around the world who are currently struggling to find their place. In the struggle and pursuit of livelihood and relevance, people are exposed to rather intricate situations where they compromise on things that they never thought they would. This is the start of corruption in a wheel that never stops rolling.

Corruption is prevalent in every corner of the world and it’s like an epidemic that needs several hands to cure the world of it. It is a growing political issue across the world that costs both life and money especially in developing countries. A recent study revealed that over $1 trillion is paid in bribes worldwide each year. This sad reality and how much it has affected the world is a major part of what Dr Yash explores in his book.

“I have worked hard and long to find authentic material and collect data. In seeking out with curious eye the meat and bone of the past and present, I have learned to love even more the quality of corruption which exist in this world. I present the History of Corruption around the world with deep sorrow and sadness that when a seed is planted in the ground (corruption), germination happens. Germination is the process in which a seed changes from a state of dormancy to a growing living Plant (corruption),” said Dr Yash.

Every continent has had its fair share of the effects of corruption and it will take every individual to step up to the responsibility of curing this epidemic. The talented author hopes that this book ‘engenders a greater appreciation of the past and a more respectful approach to the future.’

Basket of Corruption Over Six Continents is currently available on Amazon in paperback and hardcover.

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