Author’s Tranquility Press Partners With E. B. Fletcher to Promote Don’t Fly the Coop, Lincoln McCarthy!

Children’s book author, E. B. Fletcher, works with Author’s Tranquility Press, a top publicity and media agency, to teach real-life lessons in “Don’t Fly the Coop, Lincoln McCarthy!”

It is a collaboration of Author’s Tranquility Press and E. B. Fletcher that aims to inspire lovers of literature across the globe through Don’t Fly the Coop, Lincoln McCarthy! The book centers on the character of Lincoln Lauder McCarthy, a Labradoodle who was rescued and rehomed at an early age.

Author’s Tranquility Press is a notable name in the publishing industry, known for using a myriad of methods to promote books by talented writers across genres. Over the years, the agency has worked with creatives to help project their works to the right audience and ultimately generate more sales. Consequently, the partnership with E. B. Fletcher on Don’t Fly the Coop, Lincoln McCarthy! is not particularly surprising. Illustrated by Butch Kuchta, Don’t Fly the Coop, Lincoln McCarthy! tells another adventure of the brilliant and loving Lincoln lawyer (who has earned several recognitions, including an honorary legal council member to the S.S. United States Conservancy) and his real estate agent, Ess Crow and her friend Willa Orpington.

The book narrates the experience of Willa Orpington, an English hen, as she goes to her friend, Ess Crow (Lincoln’s real estate broker) to seek assistance with the purchase of a new coop. It chronicles their conversation, including Lincoln’s visit to the dentist and hiring a contractor to help with house/coop repairs. There are also two new characters who are introduced in this new book – Mighty Mitts, a tiger and his unlikely associate, Odie, a kangaroo. Together they remodel Willa’s Coop to perfection. There are even architecture plans in the book’s Appendix for Willa’s Coop so others can make the coop and enjoy. Additionally, there are suggested websites to peruse as well as information on raising poultry.

Don’t Fly the Coop, Lincoln McCarthy! is currently available on Amazon as well as other major platforms in Kindle and Paperback formats. The relatability of the story and the interesting characters of Lincoln Lauder McCarthy and his friends and family make Don’t Fly the Coop, Lincoln McCarthy! an ideal read for all categories of persons, irrespective of gender or age group.

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