Author’s Tranquility Press Gives Jeannette’s “Windsor Shulant” the Much-Needed Global Attention

An inspiring, captivating love story

As a renowned publicity agency that focuses on self-published authors, Author’s Tranquility Press gives Jeannette Amanfo’s globally-rated “Windsor Shulant” the much-needed global boost. The book narrates a tale of two love birds who met coincidentally in a hotel. It is an inspiring love story that reveals the depth at which someone can go in pursuit of true, lasting love. It also gives an account of how much Wendy can give up to be with the man of her dreams. Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Inc., it is printed in 236 pages and written in English.

In “Windsor Shulant,” Wendy is seen going to meet the famous Heather Dryer, whom she really longed to meet. As a professional designer, she aims at making and designing clothes for celebrities and renowned people, so meeting Heather Dryer was a dream-come-true for her. As she arrives in the town where she would meet Heather, she meets a famous model wearing one of her designs, Windsor Shulant. She wonders if he knew that the design he had on his body was hers. Sooner, she runs into him again in a hotel, and they have proper communication. This time, the communication process reveals that he knows she is a great designer. This brief meeting became the starting point for something new and romantically beautiful. Because they both stayed in different states, she wondered how they could keep the friendship. It was at this point she was torn between a decision to quit her dream job to be with her dream man, Windsor. The question that begs for an answer is, “will this decision be worth it? Or, was it made at all?”

Windsor Shulant is such an exciting read and a great book for those at the crossroads of making decisions regarding their love lives. It seeks to give clarity to situations like these and liberate people from making disastrous decisions that will ruin them on the basis of love. The book explores the theme of romance, fear, freedom, etc. Jeannette used her imagination to put the story together, depositing a lot of emotions and creativity into it.

The book has received a lot of 5-star reviews from thousands of readers across the globe, including 2 global ratings and 2 global reviews. According to Marjorie Villarreal, “If you want to take a journey into a love story that will hold you captive? This is your book! Thanks Jeanette, we need more love stories like yours!”

“This book is a great book to read. I love a good love story,” said Kevin Carter.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon with no import fee deposit. Alternatively, the Kindle eBook is available and be accessed from any device with the free Kindle App.

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