Author’s Tranquility Press Announces the Release of Medusa’s Lair by Kenneth L Funderburk

Leading book publishing company, Author’s Tranquility Press, announces the publication of “Medusa’s Lair,” a new suspense-filled novel by Kenneth L. Funderburk

Kenneth L. Funderburk is looking to take his readers on an amazing rollercoaster experience as he releases his new book titled Medusa’s Lair. Published by Author’s Tranquility Press, the book chronicles the series of events leading to the discovery of an international money laundering syndicate by a crime-fighter and how he tries to escape grave danger from the perpetrators of the act.

Over the years, stories of crime bosses and how they have influenced society continue to emerge from different parts of the world even as law enforcement officials try their best to cut the wings of these criminals. However, Kenneth is looking to take his audience on an action-packed ride with the release of Medusa’s Lair, as he takes readers into the world of crime-fighting.

The story of Medusa’s Lair – A Chic Sparks-Fish House Gang Novel centres around Chic Sparks, a clinical psychologist, famous tenor, and part-time investigator, as he searches for his former friend, notorious crime boss Ken Renfroe, and his adventure with the underworld leaders of the Sinaloa Mexican cartel.

Medusa’s Lair depicts a captivating narration of Chic on his quest for justice, amidst several obstacles, many of which were unanticipated at the beginning of the journey. The book also narrates how his discovery of a money-laundering operation put him in the face of danger and Chic’s antics to save himself from the situation, bring the criminals to book, and return to his girlfriend who convinced him to take up the challenge in the first place.

The book, which is currently available in paperback and hardcover versions on Amazon will have readers “thirsting” for more and engrossed till the last page.

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