Russ Bowman took his down time in the COVID pandemic to study his two German shepherds to see what that could teach him, instead of the other way around. The result is the book “5 Things Your Dog Can Teach You About Love”. 

What he learned and shares in the book proves what dog owners have known for so many years. Dogs are capable of love and they will show it. Bowman’s observations go deeper yet.

“As you follow your dog’s life from the day they are adopted to the point at which they are full-fledged family members, you too will chuckle at just how human their experiences are. More importantly, you’ll realize that in many ways dogs are better at showing their love than we are,” he said. “This book is for anyone trying to understand what our dogs are telling us. It’s also for folks who don’t have a dog and want to know what it’s like.”

Bowman said the downtime allowed him to focus far more intently on the four-legged family members than he would otherwise. As a result, he learned dogs are capable of much more than many people suspect.

“When we go to work, we do not get to see how they are day-to-day. When we spend time with our dogs, it is for short periods. Even on the weekends, we have distractions and other demands on our time,” he said. “COVID let me experience and share with my shepherds in a way I’d never otherwise be able to.”

The book is also partly a fundraiser. 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book support Paws for Purple Hearts. Paws for Purple Hearts is the world’s only service dog organization for wounded Service Members and Veterans that partners with Bergin College of Canine Studies. Bergin College is the first and only college in the world that focuses on training and learning about dogs. It was founded and continues to be led by the famous canine researcher and inventor of the service dog concept, Dr. Bonnie Bergin. Through its unique mission to advance human-canine studies, it produces some of the best service dog trainers and highest quality assistance dogs.

Bowman said the combination of the book and the support for the veterans makes this the perfect gift for dog lovers everywhere. The book makes a great stocking stuffer for people who love dogs.

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