Author Damien Kane Rigden Unveils His Gripping Horror-Thriller Novel: All Manner of Beast & Man
An Intensely Suspenseful Tale of Friendship and the Dark Secrets That Lurk Within

Author and artist Damien Kane Rigden is thrilled to introduce his latest literary masterpiece, All Manner of Beast & Man. This gripping horror-thriller novel takes readers on a spine-chilling journey through the intricate corridors of the human mind and the eerie landscapes of friendship under extraordinary circumstances.

After a compelling stay in an inpatient psychiatric facility, Olivia’s life takes an unexpected turn as she finds herself in a luxurious mental health recovery center. With its opulent amenities and a newfound friendship with her roommate, Olivia appears to have discovered a haven for healing. However, beneath the polished surface lies an unsettling undercurrent of secrets and malevolence that threatens to unravel her world.

All Manner of Beast & Man is a testament to Damien Kane Rigden’s mastery in weaving tales of suspense and dread. With a background encompassing engineering, architecture, and fine arts, Rigden seamlessly blends his technical and creative expertise to create a narrative that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

About the Author:

Damien Kane Rigden is a versatile New England-based author and artist whose creative endeavors transcend boundaries. Armed with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Rigden’s journey led him to explore diverse fields such as architecture and studio art. His unique blend of experiences culminates in stories characterized by suspense and intrigue.

Rigden’s literary repertoire spans across genres, with works like the sci-fi thriller novelette “Swan Song” and the enthralling action-adventure novel “Bell’s Codex.” He pushes the boundaries of creativity by incorporating real-life puzzles and encrypted challenges into his narratives. All Manner of Beast & Man, released in April 2022, continues to captivate readers with its intense suspense and psychological twists.

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All Manner of Beast & Man is available for purchase on Amazon and through major book retailers.

Dive into the suspenseful world of All Manner of Beast & Man by Damien Kane Rigden, where friendships unravel and darkness lurks within every shadow.

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