Author Anthony Williams Jr’s New Book, “The Assignment” Set to Launch March 1, 2022

Anthony Williams Jr., debuts his new novel “The Assignment” for young adult readers.
“The Assignment,” by author Anthony Williams set to launch Tuesday, March 1, 2022, and early reviews praise the book.

New York, NY, USA – March 1, 2022 – For Anthony Williams Jr., writing his debut novel “The Assignment” was a mission for him. Williams says, “I heard a voice, and I knew I had to write this book. It was my assignment.” Williams, a former military man and now, along with his wife, founder of a mental health therapy practice offers a unique perspective in his book. Having been raised by his mother and his grandmother, one thing lacking for Williams was a male role model because his father was in prison.

“I can’t say my life was easy. I was in and out of trouble,” Williams says. “However, when I finally made the turn, I never looked back. I hope that for all young adults in need of direction, read my book because it offers hope, encouragement, and life’s lessons through fiction. What I’ve learned is that the common denominator amongst all people, regardless of your culture, ethnicity, or background, all people can relate to some to form of struggle. Rather it’s mental, physical, emotional, or financial, regardless – we all experience struggle in our life.”

Published by Absolute Author Publishing House, “The Assignment” will be available in paperback and eBook on March 1, 2022, and is currently available for presales at


A Day Marked in Their Calendar

The day their dad would come home. Except, he never did. Brian and his younger sister Alexis, to make their family whole again, decide to take on the unknown searching for their father. With no end destination in sight, they set off on a dangerous journey to find him.

As Brian tries to put his family back together, he’ll learn valuable insight on how to get through tough times, the importance of mental health, leadership, resiliency, conflict resolution, and most importantly, the concept of healing, and many other concepts for growth!

The situations they witness and people they encounter change their lives forever, but will they ever see their father’s face again?


Anthony Williams Jr. is an advocate for mental health, along with being an established author for younger readers. As a previously troubled teen, he now dedicates his time to helping the younger generation gain the mindset to overcome adversity, remain resilient, and be effective leaders. In addition, Williams learned the importance of mental health and building foundations of trust from his life experiences as a military officer, where he was granted, ‘The Defense Meritorious Service Medal’ and ‘The Honorable Order of Saint Martin.’ “Truly the most inspirational thing I’ve done for the greater good was served as a military commander, leading an aerial delivery company that was accountable for the training, readiness, morale, and equipment of 150 personnel and their families.”

From a background in the U.S military to co-founding a mental health therapy practice. His years in the service provided great inspiration for his writing and is where he was able to do most of his traveling. During his expeditions, he witnessed pain all over the globe, solidifying his mantra of ‘everyone struggles.’

“What I’ve learned is that the most common denominator amongst all people, despite the color of your skin or where you come from, we all can relate to some form of struggle. Rather its mental, physical, emotional, or financial, – regardless, we all experience struggle at some point in our lives.” Anthony Williams Jr. lives in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area with his wife, a talented therapist, and loving children.

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