Austin Rotter, a Branding Strategist, Shares ‘5 Best Strategies to Boost Personal Branding in 2022’

Austin Rotter – Branding Strategist
Austin Rotter is a professional in media relations and advertising. He has spent his life perfecting his skills in public interactions and online advertising. Recently, Austin presented five critical strategies for entrepreneurs to build their own personal brands in 2022.

Personal branding is an umbrella term that encompasses all the resources you use to show your worth to your audiences — who you are, what you do, and why you stand out from the rest. It assists you in positioning yourself as a leader in your field. From your logo and website to the imagery and text, it entails everything that works together to establish trust and rapport with your clients even before you’ve met them in person.

Recently, a post on Entrepreneur India, a subsidiary of Entrepreneur Media, detailed five key strategies for young entrepreneurs to develop their personal brands in 2022. Austin Rotter, who introduced these tactics, is a media strategy, branding, and public relations consultant. He works with companies and brands to help them get heard in the midst of today’s crowded and noisy marketplace.

While describing the secret to building a successful personal brand, Austin remarked that it makes no difference if you offer the same product as everyone else or something new. What matters is “how” you market it. The “how” is what provides the answers to the “who,” “what,” and “why” questions. To support his claim, Austin shared the tips that any business looking to grow their clientele should adhere to.

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How can businesses be distinct in branding and build a strong reputation within a specific niche?

Austin pronounced that entrepreneurs’ standing depends on the people they deal with. If not entirely, the major component of an entrepreneur’s success is defined by the reputation he holds in a society.

Austin’s sage advice to them was: “The first step towards being distinct is to determine what you want to be known for by the people you will be dealing with. Once you know where you want to go, you need to determine your audience in order to plan the exact media and techniques you will have to use.”

In this context, Austin further emphasized that young business owners can make greater use of resources if they assess their audiences earlier. It may also enable them to dispel any doubts as they grow their reputation.

How and why is it essential to create compelling content?

Austin answered this question by explaining that maintaining an active social media presence using the same tactics as everyone else may give businesses a sense of success. But it will never help them cut through the clutter. Instead, they will be left wondering why no customers are coming. Austin advised such businesses to rethink the “how” behind their endeavors.

“Make your online presence felt,” Austin stated. “Besides having a fully-functional website, a stellar social media presence is inevitable to keep your audiences engaged and let them share your business with others. Social media websites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can elevate your pitch to a wider range of audiences and lead customers to make informed choices,” he added.

A word of advice for budding entrepreneurs:

Austin urged young entrepreneurs to remain flexible in the face of change. Instead of clinging to any old strategies, he suggested they explore the world as if it were their oyster. This, in our opinion, is the best piece of advice because when one thinks of the entire world as their own oyster, they get a better chance of finding a pearl anywhere, be it their home’s backyard or a pit stop.

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