Austin Buhl Takes Readers Into the World of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Through the Ghaxien Chronicles

Launching The Ghaxien Chronicles sci-fi series with the first book, The Last Full Blood

A renowned and published author, Austin Buhl, is set to release the first installment of his six-book series, The Ghaxien Chronicles. The first novel, titled “The Last Full Blood,” explores the world of science fiction and fantasy, opening readers to the incredible possibilities embedded in the science world. While pre-order is on, the book is due out to be released on the 19th of December, 2022.

Published by New Horizon Publishing, The Last Full Blood is an interesting fiction that walks through 250 pages of epic grandeur. It gives an account of a heroic order, the “Ghaxien Order,” known to be the defender of the people, restoring peace and order to the galaxy for over 4,700 years. Suddenly, the entire Order was in jeopardy, becoming vulnerable to attacks. However, the galaxy was still fortunate to have one more person who was the last surviving direct ancestor of the founders of the Order, Sarah Johnson. 

When the galaxy was brutally attacked by an evil alien race, “Yeldrien,” with a mission to completely destroy the Order, Sarah rose to restore peace by traveling through the galaxy, fighting against the enemies. As a young Ghaxien trainee, she learned through the experience how to become a true ancestor of the Ghaxien Order. The entire series is great for sci-fi/fantasy lovers to hop on, as it promises to take them on a mind-blowing adventure into a whole new world of light and possibilities.

“Sarah Johnson skillfully dodged the powerful blast of energy barreling toward her from the training drone. Intercepting the Kanalaball with ease, she hurled the purple ball back in its direction, sending the drone flying to the back of the battle chamber. Suddenly, the darkroom lit up, and Jarnu Kackdrop, Sarah’s head trainer and closest friend since she arrived on the home planet of the Ghaxien Order, Phodaria, walked inside. Would you like to know what happened after? Then, I am sure you can’t wait to pre-order a copy of The Last Full Blood,” said Austin Buhl, author of The Ghaxien Chronicles

The Last Full Blood is available for pre-order in paperback and e-book forms on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and several online book stores.

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