Innovative crypto mining solution, Aus Mining Token, officially launches to help Australia take over hash power from China

Developers of Aus Mining Token, popularly known as AUSMT, have taken their pursuit of supporting Australia to become the largest hash provider in the near future a notch higher with the launch of the presale of the token. AUSMT is part of the project that aims to build Australia’s very first 100% renewable energy mining farm and provide secure hash power to the global crypto community.

The crypto world has undoubtedly exploded over the years, with the concept of digital asset as well as blockchain technology becoming increasingly popular and accepted across the globe. In a related development, crypto mining has become a major topic of discussion not only amongst crypto enthusiasts but also with environmentalists who look at the effect of the practice on the planet. While China remains the hub for hash power, more brands are emerging to challenge the status quo, with Australia projected to take over the position in the near future. Consequently, AUSMT looks set to chart a new course by not only championing the cause but also ensuring that mining is not done to the detriment of the environment.

AUSMT looks ready to be a part of the imminent takeover of hash power from China with the presale of the token further substantiating this claim. A total of 100 billion tokens will be supplied and the presale, which takes place on dxsale is already gaining traction due to the fundamentals driving the project. One of the unique features of the project is the use of 100% renewable energy and the first-of-its-kind in Australia. The project is also distinct as a BTC mining farm that gives token holders their very own share of it, with 40% of all transactions produced by AUSMT farm being distributed back to AUSMT holders.

The token sale enables interested persons to make history by owning a part of Australia’s first 100% renewable energy mining farm while receiving daily rewards through Aus mining tokens.

For more information about AUSMT, the presale, and other initiatives from the project, visit – AUSMT also has a fast-growing online community across social media, including Telegram and Snapchat.

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