Astro Is Leading the Way in Bringing Women Into the Solana Eco-System With the Help of Solar

Astro token is helping to expand the crypto space to make it more inclusive and diverse with the help of Solar.

The crypto space has been primarily male-driven until now. In recent months, more and more women are entering the space and Astro token is looking to broaden the space even more from a diversity standpoint.

Astro Token plans on being the native token on the Astro Incubator Platform. This platform will serve as a way to educate and help crowdfund other woman-led projects. Generally speaking, most projects in the crypto space or male orientated.Β 

β€œHaving a safe place where women can come together and work with one another instead of competing will be beneficial for everyone in this space. If we want adoptability when it comes to cryptocurrencies, then everyone needs to get on board,” said Tasha, the CEO of Astro.

Astro is the first Woman Lead Incubator Program for Blockchain Technology. This will be the first of its kind type of platform. Most platforms are targeted towards everyone, whereas Astro is specifically designed to help boost female-led projects through crowdfunding. Astro will serve as the main currency on the platform. The platform itself will consist of crowdfunding for not only crypto-specific projects but all sorts of projects ranging from tech start-ups to clothing lines. It is meant to be a safe haven where women can come together and brainstorm and support one another in a safe space.

The Solar Dex leadership team will assist in this aspect since the Solana ecosystem is relatively new and their community is extremely supportive of one another. Astro’s IDO on Solar Dex will go live in April with a private sale taking place a week prior to the IDO. Besides the platform itself, Astro will be used for dual Staking (Astro and Solar) and of course crowdfunding as well. Astro will be in a unique position because it’s the first of its kind in the cryptocurrency field and can be revolutionary when it comes to bringing in more diversity.

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