As Electric Bike Sales Are Booming, Some Must-Have E-Bike Repair Tools Introduced by HOVSCO US

Hovsco E-Bike USA March 2022 updated owner’s manual to mention essential repair tools for electric bikes. This list of tools is more detailed and complete than the previously published user manual.

The basic tools that people use to ride an electric bike when they are out and about are as follows:

Puncture Repair Kits – Puncture repair kits shall include tire levers, vulcanized patches of various shapes and sizes, vulcanized cement and metal files. Many of them also come with instructions on how to repair a puncture. Even if people do, it’s still a good idea to know how to remove and replace tires before they actually need to do it on the track.

Multitool – The e-bike-specific multitool will have all the Allen, hex, screwdriver and open-end wrench parts people need to use their e-bikes on the trail side. The most important part of this tool is the open end wrench, which helps people get the nut off the tire so it can be removed from the e-bike and repaired. If this tool is not available, then riders should add it to the basic e-bike kit.

Portable, Mini Pump – A few weeks ago, Hovsco talked about how to inflate e-bike tires without a pump, and while CO2 tanks are great for inflating tires after the tank is empty, they are empty. If carrying these, one may need to carry a pump as a backup. Pumping may take more effort and more time, but the pump never runs out. Having said that, make sure the valve on the tire is properly installed and can be inflated to the desired pressure in the tire.

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