Artist JLC Proves That He Was Born for the Spotlight With the Release of His Highly-Anticipated Single

The musical phoenix continues to thrive despite numerous attempts to steal or copy his works in a competitive and selfish industry

In a world of counterfeits found in every nook and cranny, it is difficult to find the genuine gems of talent, especially in the music industry. Underground native and CEO of A.A.G Records, JLC, is one of the most notable talents in the industry with a track record of his uncontestable high-quality tracks and diverse sound mixes.

JLC has typified resilience and demonstrated strength of character, despite the barrage of envy against the creative work that he consistently delivers. The artist and CEO had this to say, concerning the numerous people and agencies that stole his ideas and then falsely presented it as theirs to their audience: “Nobody wants to give credit to someone they feel intimidated by. And this is simply a fact! Besides, many people are running out of ideas and so are taking what belongs to others”. JLC has even recognized a change in article writing styles of others, since getting his own PR and being his publicist, half of the time.

These kinds of incidences have continued to persist, causing JLC to keep his moves silent until every other thing is set in place. However, time-stamping and maintaining records have been able to reduce the rate of theft.

Presently, the time is ripe for the artist to shine and dominate, as he recently launches his new single, titled Handsome, scheduled to drop on the 20th of May. This single is distinguished from the rest owing to the song’s diversity in theme, rhythm and style. This track has only been shared to a few people and specific DJ record pools, but has gained significant traction from fans who continue to spread snippets about the song all over different social media platforms.

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