Imagine the combination of art and finance becoming a powerful force to demonstrate awareness and participation in global social responsibility investments (SRI). Coupled alongside technology to provide dramatically improved survival, learning gains and nutritional outcomes in the world.

The President of Helia Resources name is Donald Wilcox . He is inviting you to be aware of an upcoming event that will provide the social base to the pending launch of an electronic commodity platform in the Southern African region before the during latter part of 2023.
This platform will benefit the smallest of farmers in the region in numerous ways.

Helia Resources has partnered with Musika Solutions to develop technical products, solutions, and services designed to create efficiencies in potential employment, nutritional benefits and access to financial instruments, via automation, initially in Zimbabwe, and then cross-border into Africa. The initiative has received the backing of Old Mutual Investment – a major African financial services group in the region (list in both London and Johanasberg stock exchanges). Again, stressing that the pending launch of this electronic commodity platform during 2023 will enormously benefit the smallest of farmers in the region

Briefly the NYC event an “ART-P-O” is to highlight the pending launch of the commodity platform to debut in the Southern African region.

The social appeal of the venture is exemplified by the basic priority designed within the platform to address the need to accommodate the small-scale farmer – including the unbanked, and under-banked ones. The intergraded banking component would allow the smallest of farmers to participate at the institutional level for both price and market exposure. The platform has enormous interest among commodity-related entries and banks in the region as well as various governmental aid agencies.

The ART-P-O event’s purpose is to fund the social aspect of the exchange. Each purchaser of a lithograph would also indirectly participate in Helia SRI’s ownership in the “end to end” platform. It is truly art that is backed by revenue-based technology.

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