Army Veteran Laura Sheppard Set to Launch Sheps Cajun Kitchen in Houston

Black female entrepreneur, Laura Sheppard, announces plans to open Sheps Cajun Kitchen to bring the amazing taste of Cajun seafood to consumers across Houston, Texas

Laura Sheppard has shown the possibility of pushing boundaries and overcoming challenges, irrespective of gender or status, as she announces plans to reopen her restaurant, Sheps Cajun Kitchen, in Houston, Texas. The United States Army veteran attended LSUA and several colleges while in the military and finished with her associates in business. Currently she is enrolling to attend the University of Houston for a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture while she continues her pursuit for personal development.

“Our customers in El Paso, Tx would describe our seafood as addicting. They now say, you in Houston it’s gone be harder, everyone’s serving seafood. I laugh because a lot of people are but I have tried about 20 spots and none of them taste like ours. We are from Louisiana born and raised, although a lot of my family were born and raised in Houston, my mom moved to Louisiana before I was born and my dad is from Louisiana. One thing for sure, it seems no matter where you are in Texas their just not doing it like Louisiana. Sheps Cajun Kitchen will be back before the end of 2022 we are going to give the city of Houston what it’s missing. Some good ol make your nose run, addicting Cajun seafood.” – Laura Sheppard.

Laura served in the military for five years in El Paso, Texas before joining her husband, Derrick, to start a food business following the realization that the area was lacking Cajun food. The couple practically started from the scratch, posting on Facebook groups to generate sales, opening first from their garage. The business grew in leaps and bounds in a relatively short while, as they went on to open their first eat-in restaurant in El Paso, Texas, using their total savings of $4,000.

Laura and Derrick Sheppard moved to Houston in November, 2020 and have decided to reopen Sheps Cajun Kitchen as their family business, bringing the brand back on the map and delivering the mouthwatering experience of delicious seafood to customers in and around Houston, Texas.

For further information about the upcoming anticipated opening of Sheps Cajun Kitchen, visit Instagram.

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