Ark of the Universe – the Metaverse Opportunity Can Be Found Today

From 1957 to 1975 the race to reach the Moon first took place. Now since 2021 we officially have the race to reach the Metaverse. And with this race there are other races happening at the same time, and we want to highlight today a project looking into the future, or rather, into the Metaverse.

Ark Of The Universe is a project that was recently launched on 02/14/2022, as a new token in the Smart Chain Network. Young, but extremely mature in its vision, structure and future perspective. We want to bring some aspects that make the ARK project one of the future powers with the arrival of the Metaverse.


Its great differential is in the proposal of growth and flexibility that it adhered to when developing the project. The updates will take into account results and investors’ choices, bringing the market trends, and opportunity for each investor to polish the project. This not only brings a sense of belonging, but also protects them from becoming stale in vision and project progress over time.

Besides this, we have a great economic solidity. We have economic strands for different types of investors, such as Players, Entrepreneurs, Sponsors, Passive Income, Collectors, Youtubers, and Streamers. As we studied the whitepaper we came across 2 maps and 4 economic sectors, these being: Game, Events, Valuation System and Reflection System.

When we checked the details in historical context, we discovered another target of the Ark project team. By building the story of the game they want to reach the cinematic market, such a goal that some games like League Of Legends have achieved.

Another point to note is the construction of DEX itself. The project aims to create a network making Pool & Farm, Stake available to its investors. Another positive point with this decision, is to consider future partnerships with other projects when using the project’s DEX to make a Pool & Farm or Stake. Expectations for an amplified network of projects associated with the Ark Of The Universe increase with this news.


Q1: The first game will be released in mid March. We will have a 3D game, with profitability by using an NFT to mine and being rewarded in the $ARKS token.

Q2 and Q3: In the middle of the year we will have a totally innovative game, which promises to bring large audience and availability for own tournaments and new content for Streamers and Youtubers.

Q4: At the end of the year they promise a breakthrough in the system of remuneration for roles played by players. We will see an MMORPG game, which will bring more similarity with real life, starting to bring traces of the game to the Metaverse.

Investment in Ark Of The Universe is already possible by purchasing project tokens, or NFTs that have value and functionality within the system itself.

$ARKS Contract: 0x4C3D5aF5c43dBecee525327E93d51eB4D6ddabec





Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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