Ari Cohen of NutriFit by Ari Launches a New Workout Plan

Certified nutrition coach and personal trainer, Ari Cohen, announces the launch of a new workout plan to teach sure-fire eating habits and exercise routines to achieve the desired body goals

Ari Cohen is looking to share his over three decades of experience in the health and fitness industry with millions of people across the globe as he launches a new workout plan to help them achieve their body goals. The new fitness product delivers healthy eating habits and different exercise routines that match the unique necessities of each person.

Millions of people struggle to keep their level of fitness high and maintain the right body shape. The statistics have gone up in recent times, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the adopted safety protocols restricting the movement of people as well as gym attendance. Unfortunately, many of the available fitness resources are rather abstract and often fail to deliver the desired results. However, Ari Cohen aims to change this narrative with the launch of NutriFit by Ari and the subsequent release of a new product.

The new product is particularly suited for persons that have tried all things without getting the results, unraveling tips and techniques from nutrition and exercise to getting the right mindset. Ari Cohen leverages his years of experience helping thousands of people across the globe to design products that will ensure clients are in shape and feel confident without going under the knife while ensuring sustainable lifelong success.

Ari Cohen adopts a comprehensive approach to designing his product and workout plan, focusing on healthy eating, muscle building, toning, strength, nutritional coaching, and confidence, to deliver an all-inclusive experience to all categories of clients.

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About NutriFit by Ari

NutriFit by Ari was founded by Ari Cohen, a certified nutrition coach, dietician, and personal trainer through the national academy of sports medicine with a passion for fitness and nutrition to keep a healthy, strong body and mind. The brand was created with the goal of helping men and women in their thirties to fifties create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle to get in shape and live a life with health and energy.

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