Are in-Game Guilds a Good Idea for Blockchain Platforms?

Remember when you were young and how everybody used to go to the same playground and participate in all types of crazy endeavors starting with hiding and seek and ending with simply drawing crazy images on the sidewalk. While none of us had any idea, this simple day-to-day activity formed the very idea of a community in our adolescent heads. Transitioning towards the more productive years of our lives, we had to participate in school and university projects such as building a model for a dam or designing a financial model. This even translated into being part of a work project such as drafting the latest corporate documentation on how to properly eat while at the office. What all of these strange examples show is that people want to be part of a group, a collective with a shared idea and goal.

Gaming communities aim to foster precisely this idea – the notion that the team is better than the individual. This is why WoW has a horde and an alliance. This is why there are guilds in common online games. They all want to make us feel like part of something greater, and show us that, while in a group, we can achieve much more than on our own.

As the world is progressing to shift to a web3 model and implement more and more metaverse ideas in our daily lives, gaming should adapt to these changes. This is what the newest blockchain online game is trying to achieve.’s clans aim to group players around the four different fractions that the team has envisaged. While in a clan, members will take advantage of the different bonuses provided by the clan buildings. They will fight for dominance with the three other clans, take part in clan wars, sell and buy NFT items on the marketplace. stresses the importance and need for these fractions in order to better simulate the true gaming experience, which older classic games have managed to fortify into our minds. Or course, no player is obliged to become part of a clan, but think about this: would you rather be playing hide and seek with the boys, or be the lonely grinder on the bench looking as they all have fun?

Clans will be initiated via a clan land sale. Do you want to become a clan leader and own a piece yourself? Follow on Twitter and Telegram and be the first to have a spot on the game map.

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