Archie Neko Announced Wealth in Decentralized Community for Leveraging DeFi Protocols

On May 13, 2022, Archie Neko announced to generate wealth for a decentralized community in a safe and secure environment, leveraging DeFi protocols and impacting the globe for good, thereby cherishing the memory of beloved Archie.

Archie Neko, a globally recognized organization, is committed to creating an ecosystem where everyone can participate and benefit from the decentralized economy. It is only available on ERC20.

The ecosystem of products that fall under the umbrella of Archie build a decentralized community using DeFi networks and protocols and drive utilities of wholesome value in order to generate wealth for our investors in the form of staking, yield farms, and treasury, to name a few.

The Archie ecosystem is an all-encompassing space with utilities for cross-chain swaps, 3FA Multi-Chain wallet, ArchieBlockchain, Archie Exchange, and the Archiyo Metaverse.

They collaborate with the world we live in through our Archie Foundation and bring meaningful change in the lives of groups of people with the most need. Together with our community, they are always looking to grow this ecosystem in a sustainable manner, constantly disrupting the world for good.

Archie Neko is creating an investment portfolio to enable buybacks with a portion of the marketing funds.Archie is investing in stable coin staking Yield Farms NFTs. Profits are reinvested into Archie and for developing and marketing our project. This strategy opens the doors for partnerships with other medium and large-cap projects that we might support by investing in and growing our community through partnerships.

Archie Neko Token holders can participate and win with Lucky Strike. Each holder has a chance of winning one of three prizes offered. Winners are chosen every week, and the pool for that week determines rewards. The first, second, and third-place finishers can get 30%, 20%, and 10% of the pool.

The Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Cronos multi-chain swap platform works with additional chains in the future and is meant to address the problem of limited user-friendly tools on Ethereum virtual machine-compatible decentralized finance networks.

When using an ArchieWallet (3FA), you must supply a unique seed phrase from the wallet, your authenticator app on your phone, and biometric authentication before any transactions may be completed. These additional protections safeguard investors against scams.

Archie Neko has a unique feature that is tailored into the system by the developer to initiate manual burns randomly. This decreases the total circulating supply and gives a higher value for our token. Their tokenomics is based on 3% of the Buy and 4% of the Sell taxes to help build a liquidity pool.

They’ve created highly scalable architectural patterns that are fault-tolerant, with an emphasis on security, utilizing AWS technologies like NACL, WAF, and CDN. They conduct pen tests and repair security vulnerabilities. And they use Snyk to scan Github repositories for problems.

Archie Neko’s group established two distinct sorts of limitations to prevent whale activities. The first one is to eliminate the prospects of whales by not selling more than 1% of the outstanding tokens to any single wallet. Second, they have implemented a 5% premium tax on sales to reduce any chance of swing trading.To get more information about this decentralized community, visit Archie Neko.

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