Antonio Velardo Shares His Thoughts on the Metaverse With Hussein Hashish on Questions of Fire’s YouTube Channel

The serial entrepreneur and investment expert joined Hussein Hashish and Mehdi Farooq in a panel discussion hosted by Questions of Fire to dissect the intricacies of the Metaverse and examine the future possibilities within the technology

Serial entrepreneur and investment expert, Antonio Velardo, recently appeared as a panellist in a YouTube panel session hosted by Questions of Fire.

The phenomenally insightful venture capitalist was joined by Hussien Hashish and Mehdi Farooq, as they all expressed their views about the emerging web3.0 technology and how close the world was to full-scale adoption.

Preparing the background upon which the discussion would ensue, the host of Questions of Fire pointed out that despite the recent rave about web3.0, the Metaverse had been in existence for a long while, mainly operated by gaming platforms.

“Though the metaverse seems relatively new, the technology that makes it possible to interact with virtual worlds has been in existence for a long while. Blockchain technology now allows us to use different mechanisms such as tokens, NFTs, etc, to interact with different virtual worlds.”

While Hussein Hashish simply described the metaverse as the new internet, Antonio Velardo provided a more elaborate but equally precise definition of the concept. According to Velardo, the Metaverse is the Internet in 3D – an existing live world that people can impact and change through continued interaction.

Speaking on the possibility of mass adoption, both Hussein and Velardo agreed that while the world seems pretty interested in the Metaverse, the foundational technologies and infrastructure that would make such a large-scale adoption possible were yet to be seen. 

“A mass adoption would depend on how quickly the associated technology improves. I think the S-curve of the hardware is connected to the development of the metaverse itself. As the technology advances, people will feel the improvement. And as the speed improves, so also will the adoption.” – Antonio Velardo.

On which sectors or industries hold the most promising use case for the Metaverse, the serial investor hinted that he was particularly intrigued by what fitness would look like on the metaverse, but believed professional training and seminars are the most realistic use cases yet.

Anyone interested in watching the full discussion to digest other interesting takes can do so by clicking on the following link:

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Antonio Velardo is a real estate entrepreneur, business angel, and venture capitalist with over 15 years of experience investing in different enterprises. The graduate of the Blockchain Strategy Program at the University of Oxford is currently pursuing a master’s in digital Currency from Nicosia University, despite being responsible for the establishment of several successful companies around the world. Together with his equity analysis team and blockchain group, Antonio analyses different investment opportunities in the markets.

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