Anton Rud Owns Student-Founded Advertising Company Tripetta Group, Launches America’s First AI Travel Planner


NEW YORK, United States – An unlikely alliance few could imagine just several days ago, Anton Rud’s CPA advertising agency Tripetta Group announced that it had secured a partnership with the world’s $114 billion largest travel company Booking Holdings, and invented America’s first AI travel planner. The first version of the AI, already live on, prototypes a technology that reads the minds of travelers; creating an entire vacation itinerary, that is “customized to your soul”, according to Anton Rud. The student entrepreneur built one of New York’s most successful CPA advertising agencies with no co-founders or outside investors, previously working as a part-time CPA consultant for Yale University’s startup investment fund.

The tagline “America’s Board of Directors” would be fitting for Tripetta Group’s clients, among them Wall Street hedge funds, banks, Fortune 500 pharma companies, and the tech industry. “We are New York by ambition, Swiss by culture”, Anton Rud explained. His agency has no public portfolio or online application process, instead selecting clients from secret ad network databases. Having hired top AI developers worldwide, Anton Rud’s long-planned AI launch gave the public and prospective customers an unexpected demonstration of how Tripetta Group can organize a massive nationwide marketing and media campaign, on any topic, out of thin air.

To create a trip with the AI, Tripetta requires you to enter your destination, budget, travel duration, food preferences, and who you’re traveling with. The AI offers an alternative option for travelers who are still deciding on where to visit. Each trip the AI generates is synced to travelers’ hotels, and automatically includes information about public transit, opening hours, and the addresses of each attraction. Anton Rud’s most pioneering innovations include the ability to download each trip as a PDF, share trips with friends, and inputting additional requirements. Kayak, a subsidiary, will become the official booking partner of Tripetta’s AI, after the company opens flight and hotel services later this year.

Titled “Do you want me?”, Tripetta Group’s first AI commercial was narrated by British voice artist Barney Cooper, and highlighted funny NYC subway moments from TikTok, including riders dressed in Halloween costumes, opera performances in stations, and teenagers dragging a couch into a subway car. The scenes were juxtaposed with an intense corporate voice over by Cooper, describing how the AI can plan safe trips on any bus or train system in the world. Cooper said, “I’ve really enjoyed voicing this project and it’s been a pleasure to work alongside [Anton Rud]”. The British voice actor previously recorded commercials for Amazon, Adobe, FedEx, Credit Suisse, and the Saudi Royal Family.

Tripetta Group will add new features to the AI travel planner, including a mobile app, images, maps, translations, and most crucially bookings, by December. Starting in Cyprus, Anton Rud is set to go on a two-week virtual tour of global advertising networks giving presentations on how Tripetta Group’s new AI tools can drive up RPMs for advertisers; many are hoping for continuity in the agency’s client privacy policies. “When bookings are launched, our partners in Amsterdam will pay Tripetta Group $1 per click, and 50% of revenue on flights and hotels”, Anton Rud said, praising the agency’s new partnership with Kayak.

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