The Beastmaster Sword Adventures by Anselmo Knives
Anselmo Knives and The Write Stuff Publishing House are pleased to announce the release of the new fantasy collection, The Beastmaster Sword Adventures.

Rediscover the magic of the Beastmaster Sword in these thrilling tales…

The Beastmaster Sword was originally crafted in 1981 by the dangerous and creative mind of legendary sword and knife maker Victor Anselmo. In 2015, John Anselmo brought Anselmo Knives and his father’s masterpiece back to life for a whole new generation to marvel and admire.

What you are about to read has been years in the making. We at Anselmo Knives, along with The Write Stuff Publishing House, hope our dedication to the legacy of Victor Anselmo and this phenomenal weapon comes across in the following pages and that you enjoy these new tales of fantasy adventure as much as you did the original.

To fans of the original film – this is not a continuation of that tale. That is not our tale to tell. This is what came before. Long before. We understand that nothing will ever take the place in your heart of your first introduction to the Beastmaster Sword © ®, but we hope these new stories fascinate, thrill, inspire, and most of all, entertain you.

The ultimate weapon of fantasy and adventure awaits with The Beastmaster Sword Adventures.

Anselmo Knives

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“Behind The Beastmaster: A Match Made In Heaven” is a first-hand behind-the-scenes account of the creation of the world’s most sought-after movie sword- the Beastmaster Sword! With a forward penned by the Beastmaster himself, Marc Singer, along with a concluding poem, “Behind The Beastmaster: A Match Made In Heaven” will enlighten and dispel what you think you know about this famous movie sword and how it was created.

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