Ankur K Garg, CEO of AKG Creative Reveals How He Revolutionises Marketing and Brand-Building With Reverse Engineering Solutions and Social Media


CEO of AKG Creative, Ankur K Garg, is a book author, brand strategist, public speaker and internet personality figure. First recognized as an innovator in social media influencer marketing, Garg is most well-known for his C-Suite strategy roles in consumer packaged goods brands Grill Party BBQ, About Time, SHREDZ Supplements, Flavor God, and Skinny Bunny Tea.

AKG Creative uses various strategies designed by Ankur that led to his success in many fields prior to his own business. AKG Creative harnesses all of Ankur’s knowledge and savvy in one company, and utilises his mantra of reverse engineering checklists known as the Z to A Method of building a business plan. This involves defining the finish line, outlining the requirements, identifying your aces, and taking action. 

The “Z to A” Method is Ankur’s brainchild and is used to help businesses big and small. The beauty of this system is that it can be tailored to any company, of any size, in any industry. And this is exactly what AKG Creative is all about. It starts with the end goal in mind and then works backward to create a plan of action that will take you from Z to A. The Z to A Method can be used in a wide variety of instances and include both companies and individuals.

After thinking about the AKG Creative methodology of reverse engineering solutions, Ankur discovered that it could be put into words and given to others so they might follow the blueprint. In 2020, Ankur published his first book entitled “Z to A Method” to convey his four-step motto.

Since 2012, Ankur has been championing social media influence marketing and using this to push brands into new spheres. He teamed up with a partner to start an organization called SHREDZ Supplements, which produced and marketed social media influencer-endorsement products on Instagram, which was still relatively new.

Ankur’s firm experienced massive development and growth through the use of raw algorithms and psychology, becoming well-known for unrivalled levels of clout in the fitness sector. The success in one category of consumer packaged goods led to the creation of Flavor God Seasonings, Skinny Bunny Tea, and a number of other brands that followed his revolutionary business model which is incorporated into AKG Creative today.

In 2018, after a year reassembling his personal content production staff, Ankur teamed up with SDC Nutrition to launch We Make Supplements, a YouTube series and podcast whose goal was to provide a new level of transparency for the general public and the industry as a whole when it comes to producing dietary supplements and sports supplements.

On the show, Ankur and his co-hosts uncover the unknown and provide industry insights on branding launches, legislation, how to avoid repeating mistakes, and most importantly how to take advantage of shortcuts that their combined 20+ years in the business may offer. The program’s success allowed him to develop his YouTube following and provided him with a platform on which to deliver customized content on YouTube, Inc., The Huffington Post, Medium, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Ankur K Garg’s unique, reverse engineering-based business methodology, and other innovative strategies are what has made AKG Creative one of the most successful marketing and branding agencies. Today, Ankur’s holding company and creative agency has investments and partnerships with companies that manage over 2000 SKUs in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. These products are frequently seen in publications, featured as top 100 in their categories on e-marketplaces, and sold in retail outlets worldwide.

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