Animal Acupressure Services & Professional Guidance by the Tall Grass Institute, Now Available Across North America


Albuquerque, New Mexico – 3rd January, 2022 – The Tall Grass Animal Acupressure is an institute/company in New Mexico that provides the best acupressure techniques and guidance for pets. An Acupressure technique is an effective cure for animals to heal them from anxiety and other mental disturbances without jumping to any medications or treatment.

The Tall Grass Institute has been a pioneer in Animal Acupressure Resources since 1990. The name is known for publishing numerous helpful books, manuals, videos, meridian charts, acupoint apps, extensive home-study, & practical workshops.

The owners aim to provide the best learning tools to all animal guardians, guardians, and healthcare practitioners, to provide them access to the powerful healing modality of Animal Acupressure.

About Nancy Zidonis, Founder of Tall Grass Institute

Nancy Zidonis is the one who first introduced the notion of providing animal acupressure techniques and services. She discovered the Tall Grass Animal Rescue Pressure Resources back in 1990 and wrote her first acupressure handbooks for horses and dogs.

Partnering with Amy Snow, Nancy began her work in animal acupressure more than three decades ago. She studied and devotedly worked in Traditional Chinese Medicine for animals & veterinary homeopathy. 

Nancy holds a Diploma from the British Institute of Homeopathy Veterinarian. Besides, she’s also a founder of NBC (National Board of Certification) for Animal Acupressure & Massage.  

Both Amy and Nancy are well-qualified in animal acupressure, as both have been working for more than a decade. They both have written around eight acupressure-related books and various articles in publications worldwide. 

Being dedicated and reputable founders of Tall Grass Institute, they have integrated acupressure and Tui Na (the real Chinese acupressure-massage) learning programs as well as charts and videos. 

We’ve been consistently expanding our products to increase individuals’ knowledge about animal acupressure. We aim to provide the best learning tools for an effective healing modality of Animal Acupressure.

We’re proud to be the industry leader for our credibility and respectability, committed to train all experienced animal practitioners.”

Guiding Cat Acupressure Points

Acupressure technique is something always beneficial for animals as well as for human beings. However, as far as guiding cat acupressure points is concerned, it can help calm cats and relieve them from any anxiety attacks, or mental disturbances.

Since cats are a bit picky for their sensitivity, so they hardly stick with a fixed routine. The purpose of applying the technique is, to reduce the stress levels your cat might be suffering.

About the Company

The Tall Grass Animal Acupressure Institute is your one-stop solution for all reliable animal acupressure resources. We’ve been serving massive clients from our head office in New Mexico. We provide training, consulting, and resources required to provide safe, effective, and healing acupressure to animals. 

We’re honored to be a leading industry for respectability and credibility, dedicated to train all experienced animal practitioners.

Contact us, and get your first consultation for your animals!   

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