Angry Sheep Club (ASC)

Deep inside each and every one of us, under the layers of social barriers we constructed, there is an innocence. This innocence is our inner sheep that helps us see the beauty in everything just before our prejudgment cuts into it.

We all have an inner sheep in our hearts. These sheep are what make us beautiful, attractive, intriguing, and yet, vulnerable. This vulnerability is what makes us human. What if we don’t have any spiritual or emotional vulnerability, what separates us from cattle?

The world can make our inner sheep feel oppressed, bullied, and even imprisoned at times. We shouldn’t leave them buried. We can lift the burden from our sheep’s shoulders, make them feel lighter, and hopefully avoid doing mischief to ourselves. We need to express and support ourselves to get rid of this burden and embrace our inner sheep. Because we all deserve the best in life and life is all about freedom, love, and support for one and other. Let’s embrace your inner sheep, “own it, love it and support it”.

Angry Sheep Club (ASC) is a community of extraordinary humans that embrace, love, and support their inner sheep and genius investors that seize the opportunity of owning Angry Sheep special NFTs that support the Plethora app development. All the information for the ASC is shared on our Discord server.

Plethora is the app where you will find love, friends, do some business and access real unbiased news that really deserve your time and attention.

With the pandemic and confinements, it became obvious that there was a big gap that needed to be fill. It became harder and harder to stay really connected with people we love as to find people that deserve this love, to find friends and it became harder to do business as well.

What options do we have?
Social networks and dating apps, yes, we know, but at the end it feels more like it’s only some “online shopping and advertisements”, looks like it’s bringing only more distractions, and it’s not what we wanted.

And there is more…
When we want to know what is really happening in the world. Let’s talk about that. We had to work hard to try to find the “real news”, I mean, the unbiased news, you know, not the kind of information controlled by someone that is mainly doing advertisement for the one paying his salary, I talk about the real news, to keep us informed with the real stuff, unbiassed information.

We don’t need distractions, we don’t need someone else to decide how to fill our brain, we need a healthy environment where we can access what we need and decide by ourselves how we want to prosper the way we see fit.

What we really want for us, is simple. We want to be able to find humans that share common values with whom we can date, developed friendships, and do some business networking, offer, and find jobs to people that share these same values and have access to a news hub that propose me unbiased news, the news that really deserves our times and attentions.

This is what was missing, this is what we were really looking for.
We didn’t find it. So, we create it.

This is what Plethora is all about.
Angry Sheep Club is proud to support Plethora with the NFTs Angry Sheep collections.

Plethora features will focus on helping you:
“find” love (date mode), friends (friendship mode), employees, clients, partners, manufacturers and do some networking (business mode) and unbiases news that deserve your time and attention (news hub).
“connect” with the person you feel you share common values.
“support” you so you can create a positive and long-lasting relationship by providing the tools so you can always connect and communicate with your contacts.

For Plethora, “values is the glue” for any positive and long-lasting relationship.
That’s why Plethora algorithm core is based on our values, so we can be surround by people that should naturally be a better fit with us.

Ok, let’s break it down a little bit to really start grasping how huge the benefits are with this project and everything that goes around it.

Plethora play in the field of dating, social medias, business, and new news channel.

Let’s stay conservative, ok? I think best to avoid getting too much excited.

Let’s look only at the “dating” market industry. Of course, Plethora is way more than just a “dating app”, but let’s just look at the “dating” market here.

The dating services market size was valued at $6.56 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $9.91 billion by 2024, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.6% from 2021 to 2024.

The market’s largest segment is Online Dating with a projected market volume of US$3,241m in 2021.

Revenue in the Dating Services segment is projected to reach US$7,728m in 2021 and will grow more and more after how the worlds has change.

Because it is harder and harder to meet people and connect how we use to, more and more people will find new ways to really connect with people.

That’s why Plethora is coming.

Plethora will propose a free basic account where it will be possible to buy some perks to better the user experience and have access to more and some paid subscriptions will be available as well.

Monthly and yearly paid subscriptions will be for gold, premium and corporate accounts.

And a lot of surprises will be revealed later.

There is always the classic way, it will be possible for everyone who want to upgrade to a paid subscription to pay with a credit card. The classic way.

The new way is for Angry Sheep NFT owners.

Angry Sheep NFTs are special. You need to look for the special seal at the bottom left side of the NFT to see if there is a seal. These seals allow to unlock special account benefits giving you a lifetime access.

The value of these NFTs will surely skyrockets, let’s use as an example the popular dating app called Tinder, you have to pay $159.99/year for gold and $199/year for platinum, and it’s just for dating, if we add the business side to it and take LinkedIn for example, you will have to pay $749.99/year to become premium. If we put both together, it’s $948/year for premium.

We let you do the math on how much you think a NFT with a Gold (Gold), Blue (Premium) or Black (Corporate) seal that give you a lifetime access on Plethora can be worth. With time some extra special perks will be given as well, but that’s for later. Sure, we must grow too, we know and that’s exactly what we are doing right now, with you.

Seals that are on special NFTs allows owner only to unlock special accounts. There are 4 seals.

Platinum seal is only with the ANGRY SHEEP SPECIAL EDITION collection and give its owner an ALL ACCESS.
That mean, the owner of a Platinum seal NFT will be able to choose whatever type of account he wants to unlock and be able to switch whenever he wanted to, plus, a special glow for this profile.

Gold subscription will give the NFT owner a gold subscription for life.

Blue subscription will give the NFT owner a Premium subscription for life.

Black subscription will give the NFT owner a Corporate subscription for life.

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