And You Thought You Had Seen Everything in the World of NFTs? Wait for This One.

NiftyDOS is the first NFT Operating System.

NiftyDOS brings you the mind-bending time travel plot that only a 1980s Sci-Fi film could deliver. So jump into the nearest DeLorean and buckle up for the ride.

According to the NiftyDOS NFT website text and intro video, the story of the lost Operating System goes something like this. In a parallel universe in the early 1980s, a team of extraordinary computer scientists, artists, and dreamers set out to build an operating system like no other. Based on the idea that no two instances should be alike, NiftyDOS was born.

Years passed and NiftyDOS was lost to the sands of time. In a distant future, a spaceship carrying highly evolved apes crashes into the now dystopian desert wasteland the planet has turned into. On an excursion out in the dunes beyond the crashed spaceship, one of these spacefaring apes then rediscovers the long-lost retro NiftyDOS operating systems protruding from the sand.Β 

In this same distant future, these unique NiftyDOS Operating Systems are then repackaged and sold as NFTs. This origin story is part Planet of the Apes, part Dune, part Star-Wars inspired, and creates the possibility for an open-ended NiftyDOS universe.

A 3-in-1 NFT

One unique Collectible NiftyDOS Artwork is made of a digital collage of elements from the NiftyDOS Operating System.
Your very own Personal Assistant character, called Mr. Pencil, is a unique blend between a modern CryptoPunk and the infamous Microsoft Clippit.
Web access to the 22 applications of the NiftyDOS Operating System.

A playable NFT and an interactive piece of art

The 22 apps of NiftyDOS take users right back to the birth of the Information Age, as they each include vaporware style, early Internet imagery, and glitch art. The premise of the apps themselves ranges from old games to random news, from paint tools to dubious weather forecasts, all of which create a seriously retro, playful, and fun user interface. Hidden within the NiftyDOS operating system, clues and Easter eggs abound which will be instrumental in solving the games and puzzles scheduled for after the NFT reveal. Playable directly from Opensea, NiftyDOS pushes further the boundaries of artistic innovation in the field of NFTs.

Practical info:

A maximum of 10,000 NFTs will be available to purchase at mint.
The mint will take place on April 28th (6 PM EST), with each NFT costing 0.06 ETH.
After the NFT mint, NiftyDOS will be unleashing a flurry of Easter Egg hidden puzzles, where winners will win an array of prizes ranging from Ethereum to NFTs. Clues and puzzles will be hidden inside the apps.

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