Anchante Solutions Announces New Audio and Video Conferencing Features to Provide More CRM Integration Capabilities

Now Anchante System for Audio & Video Conferencing has even better tools for improved CRM integrations for clients

There is an increasing demand for businesses to implement modern technologies and leverage better business processes. However, most companies find it hard to keep up with the needs of today’s evolving business world and adapt current technologies to their businesses and their operations. Anchante Solutions offers businesses the best technological solutions to help solve their challenges and improve productivity in a very dynamic business terrain.

For over two decades, the Singapore-based Company has delivered web and mobile app development services to global businesses with a 100 percent project delivery success. At the core of the company’s services is providing the CRM and ERP custom solutions development. Today, Anchante Solutions is thrilled to announce it has added new audio and video conferencing to offer businesses an enhanced variety of CRM tools for seamless integration.

The new features aim to provide improved connectivity by using Web Forms and Facebook Lead Forms to ensure qualified leads get a call within one minute. This latest milestone by Anchante Solutions will prove to be a game-changer for global companies and all-sized businesses that need to improve their sales. With the added features, Anchante’s system for audio and video conferencing will offer improved capabilities in the following areas:

Video conferences
Local and external calls
Lectures and webinars
Multifunctional chat

Businesses will enjoy secured connections for conferences, meetings, business negotiations, and any in-house communication. Furthermore, it gives companies a competitive edge by helping them chat with customers straight from their online shop page, which will increase the level of their sales closure. The new features will also offer a broad range of call and support centers opportunities.

On top of all that, they can be integrated across all devices from Android to iOS to Blackberry to Windows to macOS to Linux to Ubuntu to Tizen and much more. Data encryption and restriction of public access are among the many benefits of Anchante’s new audio and video conferencing features. It is undoubtedly the need of every business today, and Anchante Solutions are cheerful to offer these services with tailored plans for each company.

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About Anchante Solutions

Anchante Solutions is a Singapore-based company that has established itself as a leading provider of exceptional technology solutions and services that always adhere to globally recognized standards and the latest technology trends. Empowered by a vast experience in IT, Anchante Solutions has the right expertise to help with all the possible technology needs.

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