An Allegorical and Enlightening Book by Stephen Roth

“If you struggle to find your self-worth, look to the heavens, where your help comes from. Although it may not be an easy road, the end leads to the Creator of your soul. You will not be alone as there is one who walked it before and heard his father’s praise.” Author Stephen Roth has made it clear that in the dance of life that anyone who claims to be intimate with God, ought to live the same kind of life Jesus lived.

Welcome Home: A Dance through All Eternity is an allegorical and enlightening book that answers the question of life itself. The book is dedicated to Reverend Allan R. Vivona, a man who taught Roth the way through Christ.                              

The book invites readers to step onto the stage, discover the dancers” and fully participate in the dance. Dancing before God is an experience of both revelation and response; an intense and vital expression of love, praise, thanksgiving, mystery, fear, and even anger, by entering the dance one can truly find their way home.

He writes: “If you are broken and tired of dancing on your own, then look to the blind man in John 9:30-33 who realized that only the one who was righteous and from God could heal him.“ We kneel, bow down, lift our hands in prayer, swaying and dancing to show our reverence and obedience, these actions have pointed back to our daily pursuit of God.

Roth writes that everyone is out there dancing the best they can through life.  Our cadence and intensity mark our deepness in our faith in God. Jesus danced it perfectly and he called us to follow HIM and know he’ll take us exactly in the right direction.

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About the Author

As a father, Stephen Roth sat in Pittsburgh Children hospital holding his baby son for the first time grateful his son was now off the ventilator and respirator but also very much aware that another baby boy had just passed away. Both were born full term and both had pneumonia. At that time, no words came to Stephen. What words could he say to the other family? As a husband, Stephen sat in a chair in Alleghany Hospital wondering if his wife was going to live from a head on car accident because the doctors could not find what was wrong. As a college student, Stephen would be offered to play on America’s World Cup soccerteam and then once married play professionally and yet both opportunities were taken by injury. As a teenager, Stephen Roth prayed one simple prayer that would carry him through all these times. From this simple prayer and life experience Stephen Roth has written the book Welcome Home; A Dance Through all Eternity.

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